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[Unknown author]

I see that you discussed the problem with other non-alcoholic beverages in the market. But as there are other kombucha products in the market that are alcoholic; can you please confirm that you are only competing with the non-alcoholic kombucha even in future growth plans?

Kristof P Entrepreneur

Bayu kombucha will always remain a non-alcoholic kombucha. It's my intention to create one of the most healthiest non-alcoholic beverages on the market and making it accessible to the mainstream public at a reasonable price without adding alcohol to attract more consumers.
I hope my answer has convinced you to invest in my company.

Kwinten V

Geïnvesteerd, lijkt mij een geweldig idee dus veel succes!

Bram V

Hi, I have a question about the profit and loss statement. Are all stated numbers for Year 1 - 5 based on estimates or is year 1 based on actuals? Do you already have any sales / pre-sales or does production / sales still have to start?

Kristof P Entrepreneur

The estimates are based upon the results of market research, surveys, sampling and blind tastings. We are operational for promotional and investment related purposes. We have signed agreements for the sale of our products in +30 bars & restaurants and found strategic partners to cross-promote our brand. We already have a production facility in the center of Antwerp. Production will start asap after this financing campaign has been completed. Thanks for your interest in our company and I hope you will consider investing.

Ho Chung C

Hi, thanks for your feedback but before i do the investment i would like to prefere to taste and feel the product.


If you are serious about investing, we could work something out.

Ho Chung C

You have a very interesting idea.
I do believe that we need more healthier softdrinks. Where can we taste and feel your product?
Kind regards

Kristof P Entrepreneur

Thanks for your interest in my product. I just had a tasting session a couple of weeks ago. I can assure you it was a very big succes. I hope I can organize a new tasting within this campaign. If not there is going to be a small launching event in Antwerp for investors and clients after the campaign. I know that Bayu kombucha will be a great succes.

Interested I

Interesting investment and market, however, I have a few questions/health concerns:
1. how do you organize the quality control on the fermentation process?
2. since Kombucha is made on a basis of a 'scoby' yeast that will grow on sugar, how do you check that you are not growing other, more harmful bacteria (f.ex. E Colli) in your pots?
many thanks for answering my questions.

Kristof P Entrepreneur

For the end product we test the brix, ph. levels, this way we can ensure we deliver a good quality product.
Just to give you an idea of the production process and environment. We have a large clean room. The only air that gets in this room is filtered with a hepa filtration system, we also add an extra air filtration unit inside the room. This room is the only one where the jars and cultures have direct contact with the air.
The water we use is filtered with reverse osmosis and uv. Because we make kombucha in small batches, the fermentation process is much faster. The benefits of a faster process is that we reach a certain ph level vary quick. When this level is reached, most bacteria will not survive anymore.
The fermentation jars are cleaned after each batch and sterilised. As well as all the other equipment is cleaned the same way it is done in breweries.
We also use various test kits during different stages of the production process. Kits for the detection of E.coli & coliform bacteria, identification of Alicyclobacilli, mold test kit.
Before we deliver the product, we will keep several bottles from each batch for observation en measurments of bottle pressure, taste, colour and other things.

I hope this answer your question and hope you will invest in this incredible product.
Thank you