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Characteristics of the market

The largest part of the global kombucha market is located in the United States. The European market share is still small at the moment. Bayu believes Europe will see a major expansion in the coming years.

Evolution & trends

The alternative beverage market will have the same evolution that has been seen in the organic and vegetarian market. At the moment there is a large increase in products and major brands have launched many new products in a short period. There is also a significant increase in new brands. These producers are mainly focused on fewer calories or a specific type of drink such as flavoured tea (Maytea, Fuze Tea, Lipton), i.e. mass production. Bayu expects an increase in more artisanally produced and healthier soft drinks in the coming years. Some players in this segment will grow and become bigger. Traditional companies with ambition and sufficient financial resources will scale up like companies in the natural food sector and become big players on the market.

Global kombucha market

Market research

Bayu's market research shows that more than 90% of its target businesses would like to distribute its products. Through tastings, Bayu convinced 9 out of 10 people to buy its product. The company also adjusted and improved it's recipes and reduced the calorie amount without affecting the end product.

Target customers

1. People who show an interest in locally produced products
Purchasing behaviour: They often buy organic, sustainable and healthy drinks as an alternative to soft drinks.
2. Women over twenty.
Purchasing behaviour: Are more concerned with their health, will buy healthy drinks faster, are also loyal to a product
3. Young people between 16-24 years old
Purchasing behaviour: Not yet determined, are highly influenceable, active on social media and good for advertising
4. Anyone who wants to drink something healthier or people who like to try new things
Purchasing behaviour: Buying often organic, sustainable, from alternative catering establishments.
5. Restaurant or hospitality visitor who is looking for complex flavours.
Purchasing behaviour: choose more random from the menu and like to try new things.

Market positioning

At first, Bayu drinks will mainly focus its sales at horeca businesses (hotels, restaurants & cafes) followed by the sales at health stores. Before expanding and scaling up the production, the company needs to establish a good relationship with its first customers. Bayu will continuously try to improve and innovate the products and production process.


Yugen: Belgian kombucha microbrewery available in stores and horeca.
Pro's: Local product, uses herbal infusions and juices; Con's: some flavours are too strong, almost 13 gram of sugar per bottle. Produce in large batches.

Karma kombucha: French kombucha brand, sold in larger bottles mostly retail.
Pro's: very natural product and low in calories; Con's: too large volumes, flavours can be strong, too expensive, sediment in bottles is not appealing.

Captain kombucha: Portuguese brand, not traditionally made kombucha, available mostly in retail.
Pro's: the price, nice bottle; Con's: not traditional kombucha, forced carbonation, almost 24 grams of sugar per bottle also stevia aftertaste.

Why you should drink Bayu kombucha?

- Healthier than most drinks on the market: antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
- Sustainable production (zero waste) and the use of glass bottles.
- Different flavours available: 100% natural.
- Low in calories, natural, organic and without preservatives.
- A good alternative for beer, wine or regular soft drinks.
- It's more than just a drink, it's also an experience to discover new flavours.
- You support a company that produces artisanally with organic ingredients.

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