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Equity Belgium Tax Shelter applicable

Tax Shelter

Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
Committed by co-investors
31 days
Minimum target
89% funded

Kristof Polders


Kristof Polders (37) has gained more than 10 years experience in the maritime, banking and f&b industry.
He is trained in brewing and brewery operations and followed training and courses about fermentation techniques. He started making fermented beverages at age 21. He is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and has good knowledge of French.

Klaus Pas


A Belgian, born in Paris and raised in Geneva, Klaus Pas spent ten-year making independent films after a few years in various positions at a Swiss private bank, dealing with portfolio management, real estate funds and small-scale M&A.
Klaus’s films, whether fiction or documentary, have in common their attention to nuancing our world by tackling issues like migration, child soldiers, climate change and the food crisis. Klaus co-founded Turbulence Films which went on to win awards in international film festivals.
This film career led him to work for a family office where he approached wealth management holistically by combining his focus for sectors like mining and biotech with his passion for art, real estate and private equity.
Today, based out of Antwerp, Klaus dedicates his time to art management and a purely online art gallery representing emerging and established international artists. Kloser Contemporary Art was founded in 2018.


This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…