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Action plan

Today, Pasha-Parking starts the Go-to-market of the solution. It is the reason of this crowdfunding campaign.

Year 1 (2019-2020) : Placement objective of 1.000 signings and expansion to Liège and Antwerp.
Year 2 (2021) : Placement objective of 4.000 signings thanks to the deployment of the major Belgian cities and preparing for international expansion
Year 3 (2022) : Placement objective of 4.000 signings thanks to the development in Belgium.

Business model

PASHA’s business model is based on two companies: Pasha Parking and Pasha Sharing.

Pasha Parking is the company in which all the activity is contained and holds all necessary assets for the implementation of the solution, with the exception of garage doors. It provides the user (driver) with the license plate display on digital signage service, charging fees for the use of the service.

Pasha Sharing brings together garage owners as shareholders, in return for the contribution of their garage door to the service and makes its assets available to Pasha Parking which uses them on behalf of its users.
Each shareholder receives dividends corresponding to 50% of the revenues generated by the digital signage on his garage door.

Financial plan

The financial plan includes the financial forecasts until the end of 2022. The objective is to install by then more than 10,000 digital signage in the main Belgian cities and to have a community of nearly 100,000 users.


In cruising speed, we consider by signage the following use :

  • Daytime : 3 hours a day for 14 working days a month.
  • Evening : 2 hours a day for 10 working days a month.
  • Weekend : 3 hours a day for 4 weekend days a month.

The turnover per signage is €189.26 including VAT or €156.42 excluding VAT per month.

The gross annual gain of the garage owner will be €938.52 taxed at 20%, representing a net gain of about €750. Before reaching cruising speed, we consider for each installed signage, a 10% increase in its use in the first month followed by a 15 point increase per month. The average gross income of the owner will reach the bar of €70 per month while the average user's basket fluctuates between €8 and €12 per month, an average of €10/month.

The acquisition cost per garage door is estimated at €140 in 2020 and is expected to decrease thereafter by word of mouth. The acquisition cost per user of the service is estimated at €20 in 2020 and should then decrease by the same amount. The cost breakdown will remain stable over the next three years and is made up of 70 to 75% for labour costs, 17 to 22% for marketing and communication, 5 to 7% for operating expenses and 3 to 8% for goods and services.

Pasha Parking will benefit in 2021 from the tax regime for innovation income, allowing an exemption of 85% of the income generated by the exploitation of a patent.

Download Financial Plan PASHA PARKING.xlsx

Download Plan financier PASHA PARKING.xlsx

Break even year

1 April 2021