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In the city, we distinguish the on-street market held 100% by the municipal services and the off-street market held by the private and the public.

Off-street market

1. Traditional actors
Their high availability is balanced by their lack of immediacy and proximity due to their low presence in some key locations. Their high construction costs (from €15,000 to €30,000 per place) prevent them from rapidly expanding the number of places available.

2. The new actors
These private companies that offer a pooling of private car parks have greater proximity and potentially high availability. Their disadvantages remain the intrusion into a private space, the technological costs (lock, barrier, etc.) and the loss of time to provide the service (key passage, time to park).

On-street market

1. Traditional actors
Municipal services manage the on-street parking market, whose spaces are immediately available. The problem is the lack of availability.

2. The new road market
The PASHA service is unique and offers users:

  • Immediacy : Pasha service saves time compared to off-street parking.
  • Proximity : through its decentralised offer, Pasha proposes a distributed geographical network.
  • Availability : by means of the remote viewing of the places available via the mobile application, the user saves valuable time to find his parking place.

The garage door market

At the international level, the main target cities are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne in Germany; Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville in Spain; Milan, Turin, Genoa and Bologna in Italy; Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Bern in Switzerland for a total of 50,000 doors in 5 years.

The user market