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Market positioning

CarJo is currently developing partnerships and collaborations with:

- Poppy: new partner. A hundred washes to be done per month in Brussels.
- UFO Drive: client for the past 7 months. 2 stations in Brussels, i.e. 15 interventions (washing, inventory and travel) per month and one opening in Paris.
- Virtuo: client for the past 9 months. At least 500 interventions per month for the 3 services.
- Glaverbel: business center which hosts approximately 10 companies. Potential of 400 cars.
- Kinépolis Imagibraine: new collaboration, offering carwash to customers while they watch a movie.
- Expédicar : moving and delivery of vehicles, for the moment, mainly from Lizy, an affordable 2nd hand leasing company.
- Mitsubishi Brussels: new car sales, on average. 3 preparations per week.
- CGO Renault reseller : new car sales, on average. 3 preparations per week.

CarJo's targeted customers are mainly company car users, dealers, garages and leasing/rental companies (long and short term as well as shared vehicles).

CarJo has a direct sales and partnership strategy with its customers. The company mainly uses its founders' networks within leasing and insurance companies, free floating and large companies in Brussels.