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The market for meal delivery in Belgium

Restaurant booking portals and online delivery services are still in their infancy in Europe.
However, given the evolution of consumer behaviour (millennia, generation Z, etc.), technology
(penetration of mobile technology, development of automated delivery), the slow pace of digital evolution and the transformation of the restaurant sector, the growth potential for these new players seems significant.

  • 6 million clients order meals
  • 800 million euros: the online or offline external catering (outside of the house)
  • 19,1%: market penetration rate for meal deliveries
  • 200 million euros: the market of online meal delivery

The number of users of online food delivery services in Europe is expected to reach 200 million by 2023. Incomes in the food delivery sector are expected to grow at an annual rate of about 10% in the following years and are expected to reach nearly €20 billion in 2023

The market shares of the players in the food delivery sector in Belgium

After the rise and disappearance of several local start-ups, numerous takeovers and international expansions, it is clear that the European meal delivery market will be dominated by the following players: Uber Eats, Deliveroo, TakeAway.

European players in the Ghost Kitchen concept

More than 1,000 virtual restaurants around the world are already listed on the Deliveroo platform, this number is expected to be dubbelled by the end of the year. Uber Eats is not to be outdone with 500 ghost kitchens claimed in France out of the 15,000 referenced on the application. America hopes to double that in six months.


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