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Foodiz 1A

Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium
Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
10 days
Minimum target
43% funded



A native of the Vosges (North-East of France), Mesut is 27 years old and his life can be summarized in three points:

- A huge associative life of more than 9 years in a boxing club (400 members). He went from being a simple member of the club to being a top-level sportsman with 17 fights, including 3 abroad (Thailand, Morocco and Luxembourg). Finally, he ended up being a sports coach in his own club (with sessions for 7 to 40 people).

- A university course at NEOMA BUSINESS SCHOOL CAMPUS REIMS (TOP 8 of the university campuses in France). It was at that time that he discovered a new passion for "entrepreneurship".

- He launched his first startup "Lunch School" during his studies, a marketplace offering an innovative solution for grouped meal delivery... Using cargo bicycles, orders from the best restaurants in the city are pooled and delivered to university campuses.

Mesut developed his service in two cities (Nantes and Reims), activated
20 campuses, negotiated/managed partnerships such as PitaPIT, La Mie Câline, SUBWAY, O'Tacos, Bagelstein and achieved a business volume of 120k € alone.

Today, he has left France and is taking the opportunity to take over Foodiz with Startup Factory.


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