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Market positioning

For individuals, we are positioning ourselves as an alternative to traditional self-storage centres by offering services and flexibility at a competitive price on the market. We target volumes of less than 20 m³ for periods of 3 to 9 months for which the offer is low or expensive.

For professionals, we position ourselves as the logistics solution for small to very small companies that are struggling to find suitable solutions on the market as well as a more traditional storage solution while offering a very high level of service.

Market trends

Around 1661 storage centres in continental Europe vs. 1432 in the UK alone. In Belgium, 60 sites estimated (market with annual turnover of €45 million). Annual growth between 10 and 15% over the last 10 years and the trend is continuing.


Increasingly dense cities (70% of the population in Europe). Living space is becoming increasingly smaller (-19% in 15 years, 68m² on average in Brussels, 38m² in Paris). This trend can be observed in most of the main cities of Western Europe. Space requirements are becoming more and more critical.

SMEs and start-ups

Number of entrepreneurs constantly increasing. The number of SMEs has increased by 19% in 10 years in Belgium and represents 11% of the total number of companies in Brussels. Need for young SMEs or start-ups to find flexible storage solutions for promotional or commercial material, or to store larger material for specific periods of time, without seeking a purely logistical solution.