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Market positioning

How Fishtripr is different from its competitors in the sport fishing market?

Their branding strategy aims to build a new narrative about sport fishing and transform Fishtripr into something more like a movement than an online booking service.

Here are the 5 pillars of their strategy:

A strong identity and an escapist design:

Photography is one of the fundamental elements in Fishtripr's identity and plays a crucial role in positioning fishing as a recreational activity accessible to as many people as possible. Fishtripr's design emphasises the community aspect of the platform and the whole experiential dimension of the service. Their identity is the sum of those who are part it: their hosts and guests.

A mission and values that goes beyond their business:

One of the keys to establishing a unique market position and to differentiating their brand is their strong emphasis on deeply rooted values such as nature and the love of travel. These ideas are universal and attract most people at a basic level, regardless of their identity or place of residence. To associate the Fishtripr brand with such values and to commit respecting them helps them to ensure a distinct position in the minds of their customers. They connect people to nature and this is reflected in all their messages and activities.

Their community from all sides:

Fishtripr's content strategy relies heavily on its hosts and guests. The community aspect of the brand passes through stories, interviews and comments relayed on all the channels of Fishtripr. Today they’re proud to showcase the work of guides and other fishing professionals who, in my opinion, are some of the most relevant voices in the fishing space right now. Their work is thoughtful, ethical, and beautiful, yet rarely showcased in mainstream media and hard to be found by outsiders.

They are present throughout the journey:

Fishtripr is not just a marketplace but a benevolent expert. Fishtripr guides each of its hosts individually in the creation of its listings, communication with its customers and the guarantee of a quality experience, which are essential elements to establish a brand trust. The type of relationship that allows them to retain their B2B and B2C customers over the long term.

A new narrative:

For them, this is not about "angler" or "non-angler": this all about nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts! For many years, fishing has been associated with boredom, but they are here to change that mindset and set the record straight. Fishtripr is on a mission to change the story of sport fishing through purveying the market's essential storytellers, brands, destinations, and resources, displayed in a way that magnifies the beauty of this extraordinary lifestyle and modernise its perception.


Fishtripr has one main competitor who only focuses on saltwater fishing (45% of the market). Fishtripr on the other hand, will be focusing on freshwater fishing (55% of the market). The other competitors are quite small and operating in the US mainly. There is no real leader in Europe yet.


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