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Pierre R

We are Yoga Room.
It could be interesting to sell your product in our Yoga Studio.
How can i contact you ?

Pierre-Louis C

Dear Mathieu,
First of all, proficiat for this wonderful project.
My only question is about the CVs of Emilie and you, I cannot find it here in the space, is there any mean we could learn more about your profile and experiences?
Thank you!

Mathieu V Entrepreneur

Dear Pierre-Louis, I'll be glad to send you our detailed CVs. Please do send me your contact details at mathieu@fullofgood.be. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. Kind regards, Mathieu

Henri-Jean V

Clear and thanks for your prompt response.

Henri-Jean V

Thanks for the response which helps.
The "Dutch" press is available to all and makes similar products for other companies?
Is the formula of the juices only known by Full of Good?
Is there a point where Full of Good would make the juices themself with there own machine and at what point would that be?

Mathieu V Entrepreneur

Hi Henri-Jean, thanks for the follow up questions. The juice formula is only known to Full of Good and protected as such. There are just a handful of producers able to produce this quality of products in Europe, our producer is one of them. They leverage their HPP machines by producing for a number of clients. As for the investments, Full of Good intends to be nimble and will leverage outsourced production rather than invest in its own production facility for the foreseeable future. This will free up time and capital for other essential aspects of the business such as sales and marketing as we believe it is important to be on the shelves early. I hope I answered your question, have a nice day, Mathieu

Henri-Jean V

Cher Matthieu
comment les jus sont ils produit. Par qui et qu'elle est la capacité de production actuelle?
Les jus ont un shelf life de xxjours? Combien de déchet est prévu dans ton plan la première année?
Bien à toi,


Guillaume C

Dear Henri-Jean, Thanks for your question and your interest. We subcontract juice production in the Netherlands as they have the High Pressure Processing machine needed to extend the shelf life of the product to around one month without loosing vitamins, enzyme and minerals. Leftovers from the cold pressing of the fruits and vegetables are kept by the subcontractor and given to local farmers who use them as fertilizers. I hope I answered your question, feel free to reach out if you have anymore. Kind regards, Mathieu


In jullie presentatie vermelden jullie nergens waar de groenten en fruit, uw grondstoffen dus, vandaan komen. Gaat het hier bijvoorbeeld om biogroenten en biofruit en waar worden ze geteeld ?


Mathieu V Entrepreneur

Hi Guido, Thanks for your very relevant question.
Our fruits and vegetables are chosen with the utmost care. During the harvesting season, we use mainly local fruits and vegetables - from Belgium and the Netherlands. Quality and seasonality are key here. Only a handful of fruits cannot be found locally (Ginger and Pomegranate don't grow around here for example). When fruits and vegetables cannot be found locally in winter we work with Spanish and Italian famers. We only pick the best fruits and vegetables from farmers who work with reasoned agriculture, we test them for pesticide and work with an NGO - FoodCompass- to oversee the quality of the fruits and vegetables.
I hope this answered your question, Mathieu

Umair U

I am very much interested in this as I have seen such businesses grow very well in other markets, HOWEVER
I would like to know some details of the costing. The company made a loss this year but it seeks to grow quickly and make 'huge' profits in the coming year. Apart from how the sales would grow so rapidly (question 1) and i am preplexed as how they will reduce the per unit cost of selling (question 2)

i am also a little unsure about the debt' mentioned in the balance sheet. What kind of debt is it?? can anyone elaborate

Mathieu V Entrepreneur

Hi Umair,
Thanks for your questions and your interest in our business. We plan to fuel our growth via 3 distinct distribution channels: online sales, direct sales and distributor sales. The latter can quickly yield significant volumes as they already have wide a network of stores, supermarket chains, ... As for your other question, there are always economies of scale when increasing the amount of units sold, the cost of raw material is a first example but also key cost drivers such as marketing costs can be rationalized thanks to volumes. Finally for the debt we have planned on working with straight bank debt so as to be flexible in the future.

I hope this answered your questions,