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Forecasted capital increase

The capital increase in which MyMicroInvest Finance will participate places itself in a larger financing of Logan Circle SPRL considered between 80.000 EUR and 150.000 EUR with other investors. This financing will be split as follows :

  • Between 44.000 EUR minimum and 87.912 EUR maximum will be subscribed by MyMicroInvest Finance based on the result of the issuance of the Notes;
  • Between 36.000 EUR minimum and 106.000 EUR maximum will be subscribed by other investors.

Also on the occasion of the of the capital increase in which MyMicroInvest Finance will participate, two convertible loans granted on August 19, 2015 by private investors for a total amount of 30.000 EUR will be converted at price equal to 85% of the price per share paid by other investors participating in the capital increase

The table below indicates the distribution of the shares of the company following this capital increase on the basis on the following assumptions :

  • MyMicroInvest Finance will subscribe a minimum amount of 44.000 EUR ;
  • The other investors will subscribe the minimum amount assigned to them, or 36.000 EUR ;
  • The two loans have been converted.