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Lseat 1A

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Converts a regular economy seat to sleep mode
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Lseat provides a considerable improvement in comfort and sleep during long-haul flights, which are generally night flights and are more than 85% full. This is an opportunity for equipped airlines to obtain better prices thanks to the improved comfort offered by Lseat. For an additional €50 obtained at the rate of two flights per day 330 days per year for one long haul per seat, the increase in revenue for the airline is €33,000 per year per seat. It would take them less than 4 months for a return on investment.

The improved aerodynamic performance of aircraft and engines allows airlines to use smaller twin-engines at higher frequencies and at a cost that is 15 to 20% less than that of large aircrafts. Direct flights can now be arranged from city to city on long haul routes without having to go through the large overcrowded hubs causing a great loss of time for the passenger.

AIR FRANCE is abandoning its A380s and KLM its B747s, like many others. With less space for passengers in the smallest twin-engined aircraft, Lseat appears to be the right product at the right time. It is compatible with all types of aircraft offering economy class.

A partnership has been established with SONACA: owned by the Walloon region, and the leading supplier of wing leading edges and flaps by aircraft manufacturers (AIRBUS, BOEING, EMBRAER, BOMBARDIER and DASSAULT). They are the ideal collaborator to ensure optimal engineering in accordance with the standards of the aeronautical industry.

Their reference is ideal to support the introduction of Lseat to manufacturers as well as to major airlines. In addition, SONACA has factories, and therefore possible logistic support, in: Canada, Brazil, China, Romania and the USA, where it has acquired its American equivalent LMI, already a supplier to BOEING and all the airlines on the American continent.The aircraft seat market is huge and is in the hands of a small number of competitors. A breakthrough entry is made possible by the Lseat's innovative product (which is well protected by patent).

Aircraft interiors are renewed on average every five years and an aircraft remains in service for about 30 years. Thus the annual world market in 2018 represented more than 55,000 seats in economy class for long-haul flights. Market growth is equivalent to more than 4% per year.

A retro-fit kit is offered for existing seats allowing the Lseat solution to be used at any time. Thus the market represents the entire world fleet. From the very first presentations, these solutions attracted the attention of all the first major airlines contacted. Among them, GULF AIR, a major airline in the Persian Gulf, and AIR FRANCE have already declared their intention to purchase.

In addition to a sleeper seat, the company is innovating in the use of WIFI to connect ultra-light seat screens to the onboard server to offer 40,000 hours of on-demand audio-visual programming from a single onboard server. It is a true cloud video called AIR STREAMER. Compared to current equipment, this a serious weight-saver in screens and cabling, which can reach up to 3 KG per seat for existing solutions. This can translate into an increase in payload, autonomy or fuel savings with each flight every day. For an AIRBUS A330 this represents more than one tonne at each take-off.

The launch of these innovations is expected to lead to a very rapid growth in activity in the global aviation market. Airlines already have a total of 251,000 "Economy" seats on their operating aircraft.

The market is divided, on the one hand, into the market for new seats in new aircrafts or for new interiors during periodic revisions for those in service and, on the other hand, into the market for retro-fit kits for all or some "Economy" classes, excluding general revision or complete cabin renewal. This second market concerns the entire world fleet.

As the purchase and major maintenance of aircraft is inevitable and planned for the long term, the influence of temporary market adversities has little impact.


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