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Lseat 1A

Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium 78 investors
Converts a regular economy seat to sleep mode
Terms & Conditions
Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
35 days
Minimum target
118% funded

Yves Hendrickx


Sales engineer, designer and pilot.
- Specialised in "remote data acquisition and management" in the food industry.
- Specialised in terrestrial, maritime and aerial telecommunications by mobile and satellite networks.
- Creator of data digitisation systems for pilots in flight.
- Designer of private satellite communications networks for flight crews flying from their tablets or mobile phones via WIFI.
- Creator of the AIR STREAMER process allowing the simultaneous connection of 250 passengers in flight in WIFI from a single server and access point.
- Creator and designer of the Lseat.

Hugues Langer


Technical and scientific manager for the project.
- Aeronautical Civil engineer.
- Aerospace qualifications.
- Max Planck Institute Hamburg (Germany) graduated.
- Quality assurance manager.
- Production manager at SONACA.
- Actual Function: CTO of Sonaca Group.


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