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Dragon Cider 1A

164,500 €
total amount raised
  • Backed by over 80 investors
  • Benefits from the Tax Shelter advantage

Frédéric Le Borne


Frédéric spent more than 20 years in Management and Strategy Consulting. He is constantly exploring, challenging the status quo and is deeply concerned about the sustainability challenge faced by our generation and the next. He felt in love with Cider with his wife and decided to go for it!

Mélanie de Selliers


Mélanie is a highly committed person for whom the individual well-being has always been central in her work from teaching to art-therapy. Curious and always ready for new adventures, she is now sharing her professional time between a small sustainable farming project and Dragon Cider. She oversees the synergies between the two projects - e.g. orchards plantation.

Nathan Verheyden


Nathan is a young and motivated individual prepared for every battle. Always positive, Nathan has more than 7 years of experience in the Horeca sector and in sales management. His passion and love for local and premium products makes him the perfect candidate to develop Dragon Cider and to let the world re-discover Sinfully Good Cider!


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Please note 85,500 € remains available for Tax Shelter investments.

Raise summary

Crowd investments 164,500 €
Committed by others 0 €
Amount raised 164,500 €
Minimum round 50,000 €
Maximum round 300,000 €
Equity offered round 10.714%
Pre-money valuation 2,500,000 €
Post-money valuation min. 2,550,000 €
Post-money valuation max. 2,800,000 €