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Collect, moderate and spreas the satisfaction of your clients in order to convert new prospects on the internet
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Market positioning

Our target public

In a market that is seeking transparency now more than ever, the customer review trend is spreading quickly, and doing so in whatever the sector involved. Ultimately, any business, whether BTC or even BTB will be required to adopt a customer review management solution.
Our pricing policy remains affordable (59 Euros/month for an SME).
Our target public:
-Firstly, we are continually installing our technologies with real estate agents with a specific brand (RealAdvice);
- Secondly, by January 2017, we will tackle the market for new technologies, web agencies, communication agencies: on the one hand, this market may itself be a reseller for our technologies (e.g. when they are going to create an e-commerce site), on the other hand, this is a high potential competitive market for which a differentiation demand is necessary, because both new businesses with no network as well as companies which decide to modernize have a need for recommendations when choosing an IT company when they come to create an application, start a new site, or wish to develop their own CRM.

Market trends

Market trends

In the current economic context where the internet removes boundaries of competition and where information gathers and is distributed at the speed of light, the role of a business, regardless of its size, position, or sector, is to understand and control the flow of internal and external information that revolves around it. It is now widely accepted that businesses able to understand and control the amount of available data will be able to obtain a significant advantage in the coming years over their direct and indirect competitors. This data can be used to know and understand customers, position products as close to the latter as possible in order to build loyalty, anticipate changes in habits or among the competition, target its prospecting in order to reduce marketing costs or tailor a product or service by integrating the processed and analyzed data. In other words, well-organised and well-processed information improves corporate decision making, creates added value and enriches the user experience, enhances the return on investment, and may even allow new products to be created.

Undoubtedly, whether this is a pharmaceutical company, a bank, a social network, an e-commerce site, a fitness center, a CRM, a real estate agency, a telephone operator, an events company, or any other organisation (or even a presidential campaign), good management of information creates a competitive advantage while reducing costs in a very significant way. However, it should be pointed out that for many of us, although the term Big Data looks familiar, all this does not mean much and the possible applications in medium-sized business - or even larger - are not obvious to the uninitiated. Indeed, the mass of information has no value if it is not specific, neither does have any value if it is not structured and processed. The key lies mainly in its analysis, that is to say its transformation into usable knowledge, innovation and business values. That is the real value!

The Biggest challenge on the internet is conversion, and this conversion depends on the ability to persuade; the ability to convince today on the internet depends on the creation of a sense of trust and transparency: this is the biggest challenge for an internet business and this is what we are working on.


At the market level, there are solutions such as Uber, Booking, Airbnb etc., which make Customer feedback a vital aspect of their deliverable.

On the other side, we have solutions for which the customer review is the final deliverable, such as Trust Pilot.

These solutions are either sectorised and not very scalable, or else general and very scalable.

Seerus takes the strengths from these two positions.

  • On the one side, it is at once general and sectorised and derives benefits from this.
    Sectorised because for each target sector, Seerus duplicates its technology by joining it with an appropriate commercial package.
    The benefit of sectorisation is to enable a pooling of the data collected and to set up a benchmarking tool of the results obtained by each client company taken individually. Generalist because by duplicating at will, Seerus can reach any sector for which there is a market.
    The main advantage of this generalist nature is obviously the scalability which flows from it.
    By way of example, Trust Pilot today has close to 100,000 active clients.
  • Seerus goes even further in the information collected, the processing done for it, and the panel of services proposed.
  • Real added value for the end customer
    For each of the targeted sectors, Seerus creates a unique directory which lists the client companies no longer on the basis of their advertising budget, but on the basis of the quality of their services.
    In doing this, we avoid any bias from a difference in financial means and we offer a real openness to final consumers who increasingly lack confidence.