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Collect, moderate and spreas the satisfaction of your clients in order to convert new prospects on the internet
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Historical accounts

The assets are mainly comprised of investments in intangible assets given that our product is a web platform.

Increase of capital in 2015: arrival of Namur invest through the Préface company.

LT debts include a 50.000 EUR convertible bond.

2015 loss explained by a year of investment in development + recruitment of sales team + marketing launched at the end of the year.

Financial plan

The 3-year financing plan, developed by the management of the keys of growth, is available below:

Revenue drivers

The sales assumptions have been made based on our clients acquisition history, an hourly calculation of 3 FT sales staff and one indirect sales via our partners (details on request).

Cost drivers

We see that the two most important cost items are wage costs and overheads.

It should be noted that by moving to an automated online subscription service via the reputation gained by our partners, we will be able to reduce the sales force early in 2017.

Financial tables

After reaching the break even point at the end of 2016, we note that the result will become positive in 2017, i.e. just one year after the marketing launch.

The available cash equivalents show an independent cash-flow starting in 2017. The table above gives an idea of the degree of independence of the company vis-à-vis to its lenders. We note here that the capacity of Keys of Growth to meet all of its financial commitments increases dramatically during the years 2016-2017, this ensuring the solvency of the company.

Break even volume

400 customers (dec 2016)

Break even year

1 December 2016