Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to submit an investment application to Spreds?

In order to ensure high quality and serious projects, Spreds operates step-by-step. Our teams gives you its support, without shortening the stages.
Depending on the collaboration with the entrepreneurs and the availability of our teams, the time-line necessary for putting a project on line can be longer or shorter.

One thing is certain : each stage is important. Seriousness and rigour are our bywords!

The process can be divided into 4 major phases :

  • Phase 1 : Registration and establishing contact;
  • Phase 2 : Verification, preparation and validation of the legal documents;
  • Phase 3 : Crowdfunding
  • Phase 4 : Post Crowdfunding.

Each of these phases may be broken down into several stages which are briefly described below:

PHASE 1 : Registration and establishing contact

① Information:
Registering your company online allows Spreds teams to get acquainted with your project via the Back-Office and to arrange the follow-up. The information provided remains entirely confidential and invisible to the general public at this stage.

Spreds insists that the information provided must be comprehensive, well structured and without any spelling errors.
A presentation video is mandatory.

② Validation of the online information:
In order to understand your project well, it is essential that the information provided to Spreds is complete. If this is not the case, you will be invited to send us the missing informations.

③ Establishing contact:
Spreds teams will contact you, the entrepreneur, in order to understand in depth your need for financing, the state of progress of your round of talks with potential backers, etc. Together we will go through the specific conditions for your company to start a crowdfunding campaign on Spreds.

④ Reading and signing of the Crowdfunding Agreement:
Spreds and the company wishing to raise cash sign a contract which defines the relationship between both parties, for the entire preparation and online fundraising campaign.

PHASE 2 : Verification, preparation and validation of the legal documents

⑤ Facts List:
Spreds asks you to gather up and send series of documents certifying the existence of the company as well as its past, present and future financial situation. These documents are also indispensable for the next stage.

⑥ Fill out the preparatory documents:
All the projects set up for financing on Spreds go with a Prospectus (Memorandum) of investment, part of the information it contains concerns your company.
We ask you to fill out two preparatory documents in order to gather and centralise all the necessary information for the writing of this Prospectus (Memorandum) of investment.

⑦ Validation of the information:
The Prospectus (Memorandum) is a legal document. The information requested in the preparatory documents must therefore be complete, otherwise you will be invited to provide the missing elements of information in supplementary fashion.

⑧ Writing the Prospectus (Memorandum):
On the basis of the information received and validated, Spreds teams write the Prospectus (Memorandum).

⑨ Legal review:
Each project has its specific features, therefore, the prospectus (Memorandum) is entirely reviewed by a legal board which validates the document in its entirety. This review is essential because, in addition to the information provided by this document, the Prospectus (Memorandum) also establishes the future relationship between the Crowd investors, Spreds Finance and your company.

PHASE 3 : Crowdfunding

⑩ Fundraising campaign:
Your company is listed in Spreds financing, your fundraising campaign begins! There are the entrepreneurs who conduct this campaign, but you will be assisted by the experience and expertise of Spreds team.

⑪ Checking the cumulative conditions:
Spreds team make sure that all the cumulative conditions described in the Prospectus (Memorandum) of investment are properly respected. Should it not be the case, each Crowd investor will be reimbursed the amount of his investment and Spreds Finance will not invest in your company.

⑫ Closing. If all the cumulative conditions are respected, Spreds Finance will grant the loan or will take part in the increase of capital planned by your company.

PHASE 4 : Post Crowdfunding

⑬ Follow-up of the investment:
From the investment by Spreds Finance up to the last reimbursement of the loan or the sale of its participation in the capital of your company, you are asked to keep your community of investors informed on a regular basis. In order to do so, We provide you the tools to easily generate the reports for your investors.
Good communication with your investors is indispensable for the success of your fundraising project.

⑭ Exit or the end of the period of reimbursement.