Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spreds Finance SA?

Spreds Finance SA is an investment vehicle which issues its own securities called Participative Notes (or Equity-Link Notes).

This vehicle makes it possible to combine all the subscriptions of the investors through into one same structure, which then invests the entire net amount subscribed at once.

This vehicle is also compartmentalised, each compartment corresponding to a specific issue of securities.
As example: When the general public chooses to invest in the company "XYZ", it subscribes to the Participative Notes of the "XYZ" compartment issued by Spreds Finance SA.
Then Spreds Finance, by validating the cumulative conditions, will invest in the company the total sum subscribed (less expenses) as debt or capital.

A classic investment situation of loan or capital in a company via Spreds is:

  • The general public subscribes to Participative Notes issued by Spreds Finance;
  • Spreds Finance gathers together the microinvestments and lends or invests the total amount of the subscriptions (less management expenses) in the capital of the SME;
  • Other investors (professionals, entrepreneurs, other investors) invest directly in the capital of the company.

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