Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you a Noteholder within Spreds Finance and not a Shareholder in the company?

Spreds Finance S.A is an intermediary company which issues its own securities. It issues Participative Notes which are specific to each new online operation.

For example: When company XYZ receives financing via the platform Spreds, the company Spreds Finance S.A issues new XYZ Participative Notes. If all the cumulative conditions are met, Spreds Finance S.A will subscribe to the increase of capital or will lend the amount it has gathered (less expenses) to company XYZ.

Multiplying investors means multiplying the interlocutors. Direct online investment adds many administrative complications and in the end weighs on the agility of an entrepreneurial company. In this way, Spreds Finance makes it possible to bring together all the subscriptions and to invest in the company all at once and for the total amount raised. One sole additional investor allows the entrepreneurs to retain a single interlocutor(a single lender or a single additional shareholder)and to maintain simplified communications.

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