Frequently Asked Questions

What's the procedure for investing in a project?

In order to invest in a project, you just have to follow the procedure below:

  1. LOG IN (if you are already a member) or CREATE AN ACCOUNT (if you are not yet a member). If you're not a MEMBER yet, you'll have to take a short test on your investment knowledge and experience;
  2. Prepare:
  3. Your ID card
  4. The number of your bank account;
  5. Indicate the amount you would like to invest (the amount of participatory notes of EUR 100)
  6. Click on the ‘Invest’ button on the page of the startup selected;
  7. Fill out all the information requested;
  8. Indicate your preferred payment method:
  9. Payment via bank transfer (starting at €2,000)
  10. Online payment (until €25,000)
  11. Read the Information Note and confirm your investment;
  12. Make your transfer by following the instructions you receive via e-mail. Enter the structured message if you chose to pay via bank transfer (each subscription has its own structured message).