Frequently Asked Questions

What types of investments can you make via Spreds?

Spreds allows you to invest in the form of a loan or by taking a participation in the capital.

Making a loan to a company

These investment opportunities generally involve relatively mature companies whose ability to repay has been judged acceptable with regards to taking a loan from the general public. This type of investment generates a steady return.

Money made available to a company is reimbursed under the terms of a loan agreement concluded between the company and Spreds Finance S.A., which is described in the Information Note and can be downloaded on the company page of the Spreds website.

Attention: there is always a risk of default on reimbursement.

Investing in the capital of the company

Investments in capital are high-risk investments.
Remuneration generally takes place when the participation is sold. Companies rarely pay out dividends because their profits tend to be entirely reinvested in the company to support its growth.
Hence, the investor hopes to pocket a capital gain with respect to his initial investment.

This type of investment offers a variable return.

Attention: this type of investment is considered to be highly risky. A total loss cannot be excluded.

Do not forget to read the Information Note of the investment when you are considering to invest.