Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tax shelter? Who benefits from it?

Investing in some start-ups on Spreds can grant you a tax reduction of 25%, 30% or 45% of your investment.

Each person* can invest up to €100,000 through this mechanism and can benefit from a maximum of €45,000 in tax reduction each year.

*You may benefit from the tax shelter if you are a resident of the Belgian Kingdom (subject to personal income tax) and you invest in this capacity (provided you do not exceed the €100,000 limit for investments made in 2020 under the tax shelter for start-ups or scale-up).

For each Note you purchase through Spreds, you can claim a tax reduction only on the amount of the Note, not on any additional charges or fees.

This measure may not, however, benefit company directors in the company for which they are directly or indirectly directors.

Indeed, a company director does not need an additional incentive to invest in his own company.

This exclusion applies to all company directors:

  • managers, directors, liquidators, similar functions;
  • independent directors.

This exclusion also applies to persons who indirectly exercise a function as a company director:

  • as a permanent representative of another company;
  • through the intermediary of another company in which these persons are shareholders.

In addition, the participation in the share capital of the start-up company may not exceed 30%. Otherwise, payments that allow the shareholding to exceed 30% do not qualify for the tax reduction.