Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I file the tax reduction application in my tax declaration?


Spreds will provide you with a tax attestation (certificate) to confirm your tax reduction, to include in your tax declaration. To download your tax attestation, you can log into your online profile.

The process of confirming your tax reduction in your tax declaration must be repeated every year for four years. Similarly, the startups must continue to follow the conditions of the tax shelter, which is also specified in their agreement with Spreds. To ensure the conditions are maintained, Spreds signs an agreement with the entrepreneur.


Investors can apply for a tax reduction when filling out their annual tax declaration.

The tax declaration for the calendar year is typically done in June of the next year.

Please note that your investment is finalised when Spreds Finance invests the money into the company and it is finalised at the notary, not at the date you invested.

Example: Marc invests €100 in September 2017 in a crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding campaign ended in October 2017 and the official capital increase in the start-up occurs in November 2017. Marc can claim a tax reduction in the June 2018 tax declaration, which covers the 2017 tax year.

Spreds will always inform you about the exact date official capital increase confirmed by the notary, and provide you with all necessary documents to file your tax declaration on time.

Spreds will support you throughout the process. However, we strongly recommend you consider consulting a tax expert to evaluate how the tax shelter project applies to your specific tax situation.