Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a Tracer rather than investing in startups one at a time?

Thanks to Tracers, each investor can reduce his risk exposure by investing in a number of startups.

Even if many startups fail, some succeed and can generate significant returns for their investors.

Your benefits:

  • You have priority access to be the first to invest in Tax Shelter companies (before the campaign goes public)
  • We make it easy for you, you save time. You don't have to search for the best opportunities, we send them to you by email
  • You reduce your risk by diversifying your investments into 10 Belgian start-ups
  • You always have the possibility to withdraw within 19 days after the proposal (if the company doesn't appeal to you or if you have less budget at the moment)
  • You keep control of your investment portfolio 24/7 thanks to your online profile
  • You are invited to our Jungle Bells events in partnership with Euronext, where start-ups and scale-ups come to pitch