Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Tax Shelter timing work?

If you subscribe today to the Tax Shelter Tracer 2021, you will benefit from this fiscal advantage (and get back 45% of your investment through tax reduction) on your 2019 fiscal year because the purpose of this Tracer is to invest in ten start-ups that are Tax Shelter eligible during the year 2021.

So when filling in your tax report in 2022 (based on your 2021 revenues), you will be able to enjoy tax reduction thanks to your Tracer.

Please note that the decisive moment is not the moment you subscribe to the Tracer nor the moment when the money is withdrawn from your account but it is the moment when the money has been invested in the start-up, when the notary finalises the capital increase. In any case, Spreds ensures that the 10 key dates (10 notary closings) take place during the 2021 fiscal year.