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As Inventures, you can invest in a high potential startup called Domoscio (based on the french market). In September 2015, Inventures invested in the company Domoscio SAS for an amount of 250,028.64 EUR. Today, you have the opportunity to invest with the same financial conditions in Domoscio by completing their financing round.

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Adaptive learning made smart with Big Data.

Domoscio* is an adaptive learning solution that links cognitive sciences with adaptive algorithms, acting as a personal assistant for better learning and longer retention.

Our solution is easily installed and integrated to complement new and existing solutions.

Enhance your learning outcomes with Domoscio, an innovative solution adapted to everyone.

*"The house of knowledge" in esperanto.



Learning, Remembering and Forgetting

A complete learning path is discomposed in three phases: Assimilation, Consolidation, Application.

The phase of Assimilation is the proper learning action of discovering something new. During the Consolidation the knowledge and skills are trained and retained with the objective of using them during the Application phase.

According to research by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger of the Center for Creative Leadership:

  • Approximately 70% of learning takes place from experiments on workstation, tasks and problem solving,
  • Approximately 20% of learning is based on feedback and interaction with others,
  • Approximately 10% of learning takes place from courses and reading.
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The IT evolution has revolutionized learning, from traditional schooling to corporate education. Learning is now complemented with a multimedia, mobile and personalized education.

Research in cognitive science has proved that:

  • Everyone learns at his own pace
  • Knowledge assimilation is not just learning
  • Individual follow-up is essential

“80% of what has been learned is forgotten after one month!”
And yet, memorization still remains a key point in a complete and effective learning process.

An enhance learning process results in a better assimilated, consolidated and measured outcomes that turns knowledge into skills.


Transforming the Learning Process

By linking research in cognitive sciences with adaptive algorithms, Domoscio acts as a personal assistant for more rapid learning and longer retention. This simple, effective and complete method is easily integrated into your solution and provides :

  • adapted learning paths to optimize the time of assimilation and consolidation of knowledge and skills,
  • analytics of each person’s progress to measure learning outcomes.

Adaptive Learning - Assimilate

Adaptive learning is an algorithm combining research in cognitive science and Big Data. It enhances knowledge assimilation by defining smart learning paths perfectly adapted to the learner’s profile and needs.

“The rapid digitization of the education industry and the emergence of cognitive systems is already happening in parallel.”

IBM Research “5 in 5” 2013 - “The classroom will learn you - Cognitive systems will provide decision support for teachers”

Learning Consolidation - Retain

Learning consolidation is based on a spaced repetition of assignments which automatically adapts to the learner’s pace, optimizing the retention and consolidation of knowledge as well as skills development.

“The retention rate turns out to be three times as high due to spaced repetition”
Henry L. Roediger, III, and Jeffrey D. Karpicke, Test-Enhanced Learning: Taking Memory Tests Improves Long-Term Retention, Washington University in St. Louis, 2006

Learning Analytics – Measure

Insightful learning analytics are exploited in order to set and manage goals, define indicators and understand individuals’ learning with personalized reports. It develops dashboards that measure learning outcomes and drive performance.

“Insightful analytics improve successful design of learning at massive scale”
Mike Sharples, Chair in Educational Technology, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University

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Domoscio Solution

Domoscio's technology is available as SaaS (Software as a Service, use of a software online) and accessible by an API (Application Programing Interface, program allowing two different services to work together). It is integrated to other solutions to complement and add new features.

Intellectual Property

Our algorithms have more than 3 years of development. In addition, the more data we have, the better the algorithms perform; the algorithm alone doesn’t work correctly. Moreover, our algorithms and data are always installed in our servers in a SaaS mode, so the source code is never copied somewhere else.

Major contracts

  • Publishers: Editions Didier
  • Academic institutions: Université Paris-Descartes, Ifis, 1001 Formation, WebForce3, Balthazar, Université Paris-Est Créteil, Access42
  • HR deparment: Banque de France


Marketing strategy

We have implemented a marketing and sales strategy based on three main activities. This one is already in execution and bringing results.

1.- A communication plan which include : content creation on our website, press release, monthly newsletter, advertising in specialized magazines, presence as visitors or exponent in trade fairs (Web Summit, Bett Show, Salon elearning RH, Educatec...), participation to startups contests (winner of the Open Education Challenge, GESA2015 Europe, Reimagine Education...), communication equipment, re-branding of all our communication support...

2.- An active networking in professional events, on social and professional networks like Linkedin and its specialized groups as speaker in conferences (Paris, Londres, Israël...), and participating at professional workshops.

3.- A sales team with priority segments and an ongoing pipeline.

Distribution strategy

Our services are provided trough Internet which has the great advantage of being able to provide our offer to the largest specter of customer potential.

We have an active partnership strategy which allows us to access new markets and to amplify the sales team while controlling the costs. With an economical network model we can accelerate the sales.

We also offer our solutions and services directly to our clients.

Internationalization strategy

Our strategy is to focus on the French, Spanish and English speaking market in 2016. During these years, international development will be through the contact networks of partners. There will be an effort on the Spanish and English speaking markets, mainly Spain and UK as we have already contacts and are in a manageable distance.
The international deployment started last semester 2015 with the search of partners and resellers.

Main partners

  • Technological: XPERTEAM (Learning Management System), Prismallia (Authoring tool), Moodle (Open Source Learning Management System), France Université Numérique (Mooc platform), Institut Mines-Telecom, Editions Hatier
  • Business: XPERTEAM, Prismallia
  • Financial: French Ministry of Education, BPI France, Open Education Challenge, Inventures
  • Supporting: Open Education Challenge, Cap Digital, Afinef

More information: Domoscio's Partners

This campaign ended on 2016-05-02