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Dear Crowd investors,

MyMicroInvest is offering you an investment opportunity in Asplan, the holding company of AproPLAN, in the form of equity and debt. For a more comprehensive explanation, please refer to the Deal section.

AproPLAN is a fully secured online interface and mobile app that facilitates communication between stakeholders involved in building projects. AproPLAN has one mission: to improve productivity on the construction site through effective and real-time communication, thereby replacing tedious paperwork. The construction app acts as a communication and collaboration tool that can be used throughout a building project, ensuring faster building times. The end result? A green solution that allows its users to control costs, stay within budget, and stay within time.



Over the last decade, project complexity has increased with an expansion of the volume of information and processes on construction projects as a result of increasing project size and scope, regulatory scrutiny, and contractual complexity. The growing sophistication of construction methods has substantially increased the number of project participants, such as clients, architects, engineers, contractors, but also the amount of plans and documents.

The more people involved the more complex communication becomes. Information often transit from one person to another without any consistency of centralization which leads to chaotic communication. During the project, documents keep piling up which generates errors, disrupts the planning, creates delays and of course increases the final bill.

In case of disputes between stakeholders, it's almost impossible to retrace the history of a project and understand the changes made to documents.


AproPlan is a tool enhancing the collaboration and the communication between all stakeholders whether on or off building site. It allows for organized interaction between the following stakeholders:

Screen shot 2016 10 11 at 10.09.42

The following elements are the key components of the AproPLAN solution:

  • Tracking changes : Each change is tracked, saved and a message is automatically sent to all appropriate stakeholders. An approval mechanism allows stakeholders to validate the changes even during the construction phase.
  • Centralization and consistency of all information : AproPLAN allows centralization and consistency of all information for each stakeholder because all documents and plans are uploaded, stored and shared throughout the construction project on the platform. Furthermore, stakeholders can collaborate and exchange notes, tasks and pictures on the platform as well as prepare the minutes of a meeting. That prevents any chaotic communication, errors, disturbed planning, delays, …
  • Access anywhere at anytime : Each stakeholder has an access to up-to-date information from anywhere at any time, on construction sites or in the office, on a pc, mac, tablets or smartphones (Available on iOS but not yet on Android). Therefore, a document can be used and modified by several stakeholders at the same time. However, an internet connection is needed for the synchronization.
Saving costs

Major contracts

AproPLAN has penetrated in different segments of the construction industry and has been working with the major players of each segment.
The following graph presents the main customers in the different market segments:



Marketing strategy

1) Attracting customers to the website using inbound marketing strategies via blog, eBooks and webinars. 2) Focusing efforts on making the user’s first experience as good as possible via onboarding and in-app messages. 3) Using telesales to support customers during first steps, focusing on repeat utilisation of AproPLAN. 4) Through coupons and telesales, converting customers to paid users and upsell to higher packages. 5) Demonstrate the power of collaboration and time saving by inviting and involving other stakeholders.

Distribution strategy

Currently, AproPLAN only runs an iOS application and did not develop an Android version nor a Windows version. The reason behind this is that iOS is a more stable operating system and is hosted on the highest quality tablets (ipads), which is needed to facilitate on-site inspection.
As Android, Windows or other operating system-tablets would start to enter the market, AproPLAN will develop as well these applications.

Internationalization strategy

AproPLAN plans to expand internationally through direct sales persons employed by AproPLAN SA into three countries in 2016: France, Germany and the UK. Presence in the Netherlands has already been established in the previous years.

Client acquisition in those countries will be driven by the portfolio of existing Belgian clients who are also present internationally (e.g. BAM, Pellikaan, EDF and Aeroport de Paris). The virality of the product through the word-of-mouth will promote AproPLAN’s products among stakeholders.

AproPLAN has hired 4 sales persons and plans to hire 4 more sales people in 2016 and to increase to 56 people in 2020.

Main partners

Distributors: AproPLAN has around 10 distributors in different parts of the world (Hong Kong, France, Canada, Dubai). As the strategy is to build a bigger salesforce in all countries, the number of distributors will most probably decrease over time. Some distributors like Exquando, being active in the pharma industry, offer access to a specific customer segment and will therefore stay on board. Due to its collaborative character, AproPLAN has an API which interacts with other construction tools. An integration exists with Chapoo, which is a cloud-based storage system for construction plans. If a document is uploaded to Chapoo, it is automatically available in AproPLAN too. Similar collaborations are concluded with other software solutions.

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Matexi is a Belgian real estate developer. It has more than 70 years of experience and built more than 35,000 units.
This campaign ended on 2016-12-23