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This campaign ended on 2016-11-23 is a web platform that allows less known yet excellent Belgian Beers to be discovered by the general public. Dario, the founder of the platform, was tired of drinking the
same beverages over and over again, so he decided to raise public awareness about minor Belgian beer brands. In October 2013, a digital platform was launched, allowing people to buy
good quality beer online via a subscription method, where different beer producers are presented each month.

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Letter to our investors

Dear Belgibeer Investors,

It's been more than a year that you have invested into Cebudeco (Belgibeer). Thanks again for your constant support, it is surely thanks to you that Belgibeer is growing.

Since that moment, our company is growing. I let you discover some more information hereunder. To ensure its development, Belgibeer needs more capital and has secured a financing of 75,000 EUR by a prestigious partner, the Belgian company EASI, active in the software development.

This financing will take the form of a capital increase that will be materialised by notary the 25 November 2016.

Today, MyMicroInvest and Belgibeer give you the opportunity to participate to this capital increase at the exact same conditions as EASI and therefore not to be diluted.

This is your chance to further your participation in our promising company. As from today, you have one week to invest in this new capital increase.

Best regards, Dario Ceccarelli in collaboration with MyMicroInvest


What's the problem?

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Large breweries and distribution companies dominate the market. Frequently food and beverage establishments sign contracts and leasing agreements which restrict them from
amplifying their beer selections. The general public is usually unaware of these contractual procedures and all they get to drink is the average industrial products, missing out on some
outstanding beers that have made Belgium a reference in beers worldwide.


Our solution

Loserbox 1200px  1 is the first platform in Belgium selling a selection of Belgian craft beers with a monthly subscription. From 2016, the site will offer the permanent sale of products offered in the monthly boxes and referral programs, aimed at attracting and retaining future customers. Belgibeer will also improve operations in key countries and properly open sales in the United Kingdom. The problem has been dealt with on two fronts: a small distribution to independent bars and restaurants in Brussels (B2B) and online sale to end consumers (B2C) of the monthly selections via the web platform

Belgibeer at a glance

Belgibeer is an online beer club which has experienced tremendous growth since its launch in 2013.The concept is clear, allowing ordinary beer lovers discover or rediscover and easily access craft beers that are otherwise absent from the market.

Most people ignore that large beer companies dominate the market making impossible for craft brewers to access the food and beverage place.

We, at Belgibeer, exploited a route which the "big boys" did not even consider. We used the internet, big data, gamification and many other technologies to by-pass these monsters and reach out to our clients.

The Belgibeer team performs up and above its standards. They are the main reason the brand exists today. They are committed, enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile.

But 2016 was not all rainbows and sunshine. We were seriously in trouble in April.The problem came when I hired an external company to re-do a new website and I simply underestimated how unprofessional this company was.
The website was a disaster, the pictures did not match the screen, no payment methods, nothing was functioning the way it was supposed to be. A first year IT student could have done a better job. For 3 weeks we sold nothing and lost money and time.

I was planning to launch growth hacking techniques to boost our concept to the stars.But the team reached like champions that go under: with character. We realised that all core
competencies where onboard and that limited external help was actually needed. We started over again, from scratch, with our ideas and passion still intact.

By the end of 2016, right before Xmas the new website with a new design and our technology will come to life. And there’s more. Lovers of our concept recognize our passion for beer by reading our monthly beer magazine. They see how passionate about beer we actually are. We will hence start to import world beers and recommending them as "Belgibeer favorites". Sales will be in parallel to our usual Belgian brewer of the month offer.
Perhaps we’ll call it the "international brewer of the month".

We are optimistic about the future, well underway in becoming a quality label for craft beers which an international recognition. That’s our vision, that’s where we are heading.

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Belgibeer is expanding to the UK. The UK represents a crucial milestone for Belgibeer international expansion.

This cannot be accomplished without having a legal structure in the UK. This is important for us to deeply understand the UK market trends and improve our relations with our clients and future clients.

In addition to our B2C offer (via our website shop) we are also testing a B2B approach focusing on bars and restaurant in Great Britain. This roundtable will also help to hire one or two new country manager for the UK market.


Marketing strategy

Pareto law says that 20 % of your efforts should generate 80% of your sales. This is exactly what we will do. Our country managers will focus on finding and maintaining key partnerships which will allow us to expand exponentially. This involves:
- Affiliates
- Google
-Bloggers and Social Media

This campaign ended on 2016-11-23