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Opinum is a Belgian start-up dedicated to advancing building and micro-grid utility consumption. Through a unique blend of competencies, it brings together the most advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology and big data analytics, to provide cloud based building management solutions to its customers.

Dear Opinum investors,

The Opinum team would like to thank you for your trust and support during this first year as investors. Progress has been achieved since the crowdfunding campaign, and today, Opinum is planning to conduct a new financing round in order to finance its growth needs.

First of all, here is a short summary of our past events:

In 2015, Opinum raised 1,100,000 EUR to consolidate the team and prepare the company to grow. Multiple professional investors took part in former capital increases, such as the Inventures fund, Sambrinvest, SRIW Environment, and the crowd through MyMicroInvest Finance.

After a year of positive progress including signing several reference customers and new partners, Opinum is willing to proceed with a new capital increase of 900,000 EUR. Now valued at 2,150,445 EUR, the company can be expected to be worth 3,050,445 EUR after this round.

The Inventures fund, who already invested 162,088 EUR in Opinum since its creation, is now committed to invest 225,000 EUR in this new round together with the crowd.

Three other co-investors are present in this round: Sambrinvest, SRIW Environment and a business angel committed to bring 225,000 EUR each.

Because you were among those who invested in December 2015, we are now giving you the opportunity to participate in this new financing round.

Best regards,

The MyMicroInvest Team

Why re-invest in Opinum?

1. Opinum’s growth is accelerating: turnover and number of contracts are increasing, and new partnerships with key market players have been created.

The financial turnover has been evolving very positively, leading Opinum to engage in 32 contracts for a total amount of 247,000 EUR over a 12-month period. During that time, value creation through development of new software and applications have added up to 605,392 EUR for the fiscal year ending in June 2016.

Cumulative turnover and contracts

Partners and clients
2015 and 2016 have been years of partnership development for Opinum: They reached out and liaised with several significant actors such as EDF, LEC Luxembourg, Coretec, NRB, Lampiris, Optiwatt and Microsoft.

Partners and clients

2. Opinum is growing fast and becoming leader in its sector

a) Last year, Opinum raised not only the number of clients in every segment but also grew its revenue from existing customers. Marketing and sales process are in place, delivery is becoming professionalized and R&D secured a strong roadmap.
b) Although it started its activities in October 2014, Opinum is already recognized as an actor of growing importance in the smart city sector, and was selected for the European Utility Week 2016, and nominated for the 2016 Ecosummit Awards.
c) Opinum was selected as one of the most innovative startups to present at the biggest real estate trade show: MIPIM.
d) Key lead sharing agreements are in place with Lampiris, Proximus and Microsoft.
e) Opinum held a major Customer event in June 2016, along with much bigger partners like Microsoft, Proximus, NRB, Lampiris, Nokia and others, attracting more than 150 key accounts and showing the growing interest for its solutions in the Smart Energy Sector.


3. Co-investors from last round committed to re-invest:

a) The three major co-investors who participated in previous capital increase are committing important amounts for this new round of financing. Both Sambrinvest S.A. and SRIW Environnement S.A. will invest 225,000 EUR, and possibly 450,000 EUR in a later round. Inventures S.A., an Impact Investment fund, is also committed to invest at least 125,000 EUR in this round. What’s more, a new key investor joined the adventure and committed to invest 225,000 EUR.

b) Additionally, Bruno Vanderschueren, founder of Lampiris, committed to the same round of capital increase, investing 225,000 EUR.

Co investors

4. Opinum is composed of a team of experts with a specialised sectorial background

a) Loïc Bar, Chief Executive Officer: Loïc is the founder & CEO of Opinum (formerly The Smart Company) and has previously worked as a team lead for McKinsey&Company.
He is the author of several publications and 4 technical books.
Passionate about entrepreneurship, he is a mentor for the Founder Institute.
b) Alexis Isaac, Chief Sales Officer: Alexis is a born entrepreneur. He successfully founded 3 successful and profitable companies: Ecosmart (sold to van Gansewinkel Group), NTEC (Smart Solar Solution) and IDM Data. He was CEO of several companies and managed over 40 employees.
c) Nicolas Denef, Chief Marketing Officer: Nicolas Denef worked for Ion Beam Applications(IBA) for 11years in Belgium, China, Korea and the United States. He was a key player in developing the Proton Therapy solutions and business from a yearly revenue of EUR 10 M to over EUR 140 M.
d) Mark Turcksin, Chief Operations Officer: With more than 15 years of experience in the field of marketing, CRM and business management, Mark has a solid track record in managing company operations, from marketing and sales support activities to operational and process excellence. His technological proficiency complements his organisational, communication and managerial skills.
e) Jonathan Hubeau, Chief Research Officer: Jonathan combines 12-years of expertise in high technology R&D projects, both as a scientist and as a project manager, with a 10-year expertise in business strategy consulting and decision making processes.


Today, with rising energy costs and with environmental consciousness becoming more and more prominent, building owners and managers need to track how much they spend for their utilities in terms of costs but also their environmental impact. European regulations now require reporting, which can be a very tedious and expensive thing to do.

With the arrival of connected meters we now have the possibility to monitor consumption from a distance. However, all meters are different, and a building owner often has to connect to multiple platforms or systems and aggregate various sources of data himself.


Opinum offers opiSense:

OpiSense is Opinum’s secure web portal, which records in real time the utility and CO2 consumption of buildings, it lets building managers see at-a-glance where they can act to spend less. OpiSense connects to whatever hardware is in place: new or old.


OpiSense lets customers create custom-made periodical reports and generates them automatically. They can be sent directly by e-mail to a defined set of users. Alerts and maintenance requests are also generated automatically from the platform.


Intellectual Property

Currently, Opinum does not possess any patents. However, several research projects with EU and Walloon regional funding will provide the foundation for patents in the domain of micro-grid and smart grid characterization, allowing the data generated by opiSense to forecast energy consumption and prices in the market.


Marketing strategy

Opinum's unique strength resides in its unique ability to connect many different types of hardware, and as such, a total solution can be brought to customers for the full monitoring of utilities in their buildings. 3 channels are considered: (1) Public and governmental buildings, through tenders (2) Energy Services companies (ESCO's), that will need a measurement platform to provide their services (3) Building managers in general, for the tertiary sector.

Distribution strategy

Our distribution focus is currently mainly in Belgium, with a direct sales force. For extensions in Europe, we will work with a network of added value agents. These agents will include opiSense as a tool in the portfolio of services provided to their customers.

Internationalization strategy

Opinum has been quite successful in installing opiSense for users in Belgium and Luxemburg, and today we monitor 458 locations and about 1,000 measurement points. We are identifying the right partners internationally to reproduce this model in different regions in Europe, with a focus on France, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Main partners

The ecosystem of Opinum is based on partnerships with hardware providers, service providers and customers. Some examples are presented here:

This campaign ended on 2016-10-14