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Ribens NAU

Hello Everyone,
I am new here. I am the founder 100% of Al Khelaifi Investments. I would like to invest some money in SSX. I would like to know the rerun on Investment?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please write me at [REDACTED].

Paul Burniston

Thank you for your question Ribens. I have responded to you directly as requested.

Hugues Oosterbosch

Hello Richard,
We would like to collaborate in the Belgium/Luxembourg area.
Would it be possible to contact us?

Best Regards,
Hugues Oosterbosch

Richard Cook

Hello Hugues - I would be happy to speak to you about collaboration in the Belgium/Luxembourg area. I have sent you a LinkedIn request so we can take this offline. Richard

Hugues Oosterbosch

Hello Richard, I have sent you a message on LinkedIn
Best Regards¨

Omar Hussian Alfardan


I want to get clarifications on how your company can generate the ROI of a huge investor.

Thank you.

Richard Cook

Dear Omar
Thank you for your interest in our campaign. We expect to be able to generate a ROI for our investors in line with the business plan outlined in our prospectus. We are seeking investors who are aligned with our mission to change the way capital markets support business. This is a long term aim but one to which we are committed and we would very much like to have a conversation with you about this. Are you happy for us to contact you directly?

Omar Hussian Alfardan

Hello Richard, you can contact me directly because I have other inquiries to make about your company.

Thank you

Frédéric CHARAY

Good evening,

I would like to know if you and your team have thought about the impact on your project if the "Brexit" is officialy done?

Best Regards,

Richard Cook

Good evening, one of the reasons we decided to partner with MyMicroInvest (even before the referendum) was because we believe this is not just a project for the UK but for Europe as well. Post Brexit - we are exploring locations for establishing a physical EU presence to mitigate any effects of the UK's vote to leave the European Union. Regards Richard

Ricardo Pinho

Congratulations for the achievements so far.
I am considering this deal, but I would like to understand what possible exit strategies are you offering to investors.
Provided that expected break-even is 2017-09, are there dividends expected since then? How are they processed by MyMicroInvestment?
Looking forward for your reply.

Richard Cook

Thank you for your kind comments Ricardo. I will reply to your responses shortly.

Paul Burniston

Dear Ricardo, apologies for the delay in responding. The company does not intend to payout dividends in the near term as stated in the prospectus, and would look to retain potential profits for helping grow the business. We are targeting achieving break-even over calendar year 2017, as per the plan in the prospectus, but the company will not have reserves that it can distribute as dividends until it generates sufficient profits to cover the accumulated losses to date in establishing the business. The forecast in the prospectus shows that the accumulated losses are expected to reduce to £2.2m by the end of 2019, so the company is unlikely to be able to pay dividends before 2021. Once the Company has established profitability in 3-4 years’ time, the most likely exit scenario will be through an IPO and listing on the Social Stock Exchange’s own market segment, which will create the opportunity for MMIF notes to be redeemed enabling an exit for investors at that point.

This campaign ended on 2017-01-31