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Impact investing

is now rapidly gaining ground as an investment concept that can simultaneously deliver both potential financial return and positive impact – environmental, social or ethical.

The Social Stock Exchange companies and investors enjoy benefits such as:

  • Increased visibility and media coverage through dedicated events and a unique capital- markets platform: Companies are identified as leading organisations delivering social and/or environmental impact through financial business activities
  • Enhanced access to a growing community of investors aligned with the company’s vision: Companies capitalise on the growing momentum around impact investing
  • A unique framework for disclosing both financial and impact performance: The core social and environmental aims of their business becomes more transparent and visible, and ultimately more quantifiable and rewarded
  • A transparent and highly regulated secondary market thanks to its collaboration with the ISDX.

Social Aims & Measures

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The Social Stock Exchange is convinced that social impact investments unleash the full transformative power of the world’s communities, as it broadens the collective identity from a me-identity to a we-identity, of which the benefits flow through and to investors.

The Social Stock Exchange’s aims and measures reflect this shift to impact investing, and are protected under the company’s Shareholder’s Agreement which states that they cannot be amended without a shareholder resolution of at least 75% approval.


1. Promoting social enterprises and socially responsible businesses by enabling both to raise their profile, attract investments, and increase their capital
2. Increasing the total amount of capital flowing to the social enterprise sector
3. Facilitating the value creation of social enterprises
4. Advocating the adoption of social impact metrics and outcomes


1. The total number of social enterprises and socially responsible businesses
2. Securities in social enterprises and socially responsible businesses listed on the Social Stock Exchange
3. The gross amount of capital raised at IPO or further placements and issues by securities listed on the Social Stock Exchange
4. The total value of securities listed on the Social Stock Exchange on a volume-weighted average basis

Supporting reports

Below you’ll find a series of market reports, research books and guides to help you learn more about the Social Stock Exchange members and Impact Investing as a whole. Click on the titles to read more.

Insight into the Impact Investment Market, a research report released by J.P. Morgan and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

This report finds that the majority of the 52 surveyed impact investors have tempered optimism about the impact investing industry: they believe it is “in its infancy and growing”. The investors plan to invest almost $4 billion over the next year, and most expect that 5-10% of overall portfolios will be allocated to impact investments in ten years, indicating there is room in the market for a range of performance.

What is it all about
This is the Beginner’s Guide to all things impact investing. It contains a definition of impact, provides a history of the movement, and establishes some criteria for helping you understand how to identify impact businesses.

Impact Investing: Measuring social and environmental impact

Impact needs to be measured to be meaningful. This guide showcases the many criteria for understanding impact, and can help you make up your own mind on what impact is and how to measure it.

Impact Investing: How does it make a difference?

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This campaign ended on 2017-01-31