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Shiftmeapp, an intelligent planning and online team management solution
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How do you handle the planning of your teams on a daily basis?

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You are the manager of a team of 30 people: students, part-time workers, full-time workers and extra staff at the weekend! Each week you have to organise the planning of your business, taking account of the availability of each. Changes, sickness... Managing planning is a read headache!

Even worse: what happens when someone lets you down at the last minute? It is total panic and stress for the entire team!

Regardless of the size of your team or your field of activity, planning management is a vital but tiresome, stressful and time-consuming task.

✔️ SHIFTMEAPP is the digital solution to these problems!

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Let's put ourselves in the shoes of the workers...

You are 24 years of age, a parent of one, and looking for a second job to help make ends meet at the end of the month. It is not easy to combine planning, family life and your job hunting! Neither for you, nor for your employers. Another example: you are a student, you need a job to pay the rent but your study schedule keeps changing! How can you manage this headache with your employer? And why do you need to choose when you can have both?

Shiftmeapp is the innovative and sustainable solution:

✔️ Access a job according to your schedule

✔️ Effectively manage team planning

✔️ Powerful partnerships are being developed, including with the main Belgian human resources management organisations (Securex, etc.).

✔️ Large groups have shown interest in our solution.

✔️ An expert management team in planning, business, marketing and finance.

✔️ Cutting-edge algorithms co-developed with the UCL.

✔️ Financial support from the Brussels Region via Innoviris.

✔️ Belgian company based in Brussels, active in Europe.

✔️ A 45% tax-deductible investment thanks to the Tax Shelter .

✔️ SDG compliant - objective 8.2.

✔️ GDPR compliant - protection of European Union data.

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Everyone should be able to choose how they spend their time instead of having schedules imposed on them. Reclaiming space-time is a need for our company. We have made it our business by creating Shiftmeapp.

Michael, Fondateur


Did you know that there are 10 million people in Europe who hold down two jobs? They all have to permanently organise their planning. There are also 150,000 students working in Belgium and 500,000 in France. We are targeting a gigantic existing market of people looking for digital solutions to help improve their organisation. We are targeting sectors using a high density of workers with variable schedules (catering, hospitality, events, Service vouchers, etc.).

If you know any manager of businessperson who complains about team management and planning: this is a potential client. Send us the details by clicking here ;)

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Three good reasons to use Shiftmeapp

1. Save time each day in administrative management: how many hours, evenings, week-ends do you spend doing and redoing schedules? Or telephoning your teams to find a replacement?

>> Shiftmeapp does it for you - it’s a precious key for saving time.

2. Increase your profitability: fewer calculation errors, less administrative processing, less loss of information and an easier processing of salaries.

>> Shiftmeapp offers you a solution which enables you to resolve all these problems.

3. Motivate your teams: by involving them in planning management - you’ll be sure to see results! A collaborative approach, a better working atmosphere and therefore less turnover.

>> Shiftmeapp is simple to use and quickly becomes integrated into your organisation.

Find out more: click here.

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Intellectual Property

All the technical, intellectual property and brand ownership is held by Shiftmeapp SA.

Major contracts

Since our launch on the market in January 2017, our active customers are: Sushi Shop, Bagelstein, The Terrace of the Hippodrome, Simply Better,

By the end of 2018, we expect to reach more than 300 paying business customers.

We have two large partnerships in the course of being finalised.

- One partnership with the main social secretariat in Belgium

- One partnership with a French market leader in human resources management geared towards mass retailing. A business launch for Shiftmeapp with an impact on the valuation of the company.


Marketing strategy

Creating a product or start-up is exciting. But what good is it if no-one buys your product?

Our strategy is based on three axes that are interconnected through our website:
1. Digital growth marketing: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube are tools which we use daily to attract our clients with targeted and effective campaigns.
2. Partnerships: to grow efficiently, we are setting up distribution partnerships with large groups such as social secretariats, for example, that will market Shiftmeapp within their own customer network. There are already two important partnerships being finalised.
3. Exhibitions: as of 2018 we will be present at the Belgian and French trade fairs for the segments we are targeting, to meet our new customers and establish distribution partnerships.

Distribution strategy

Shiftmeapp is distributed directly on our website.
Everything is automated to facilitate the company's growth.
We have two types of clients:
1. Restaurants and stores: all-inclusive monthly fee of €89 before VAT. Ideal for independent traders.
2. Licence for chains or SMEs.
The cost of a licence varies depending on the number of users, the commitment duration and the options selected.
Our Business team handles the client relationship to ensure an optimal Shiftmeapp experience.

Internationalization strategy

Planning and team management is a universal problem that points to significant growth prospects for Shiftmeapp. At this stage we consider the Belgian and French markets to be our domestic market. This market is large enough to meet our objectives until 2020.

Next, we will target labour-intensive countries with social legislation that encourages part-time work and flexibility (which increases the number of workers per schedule), such as Germany and Great Britain, and tourist destinations such as Spain. The tourism industry needs to call on many resources and experiences seasonal peaks, which complicates schedule planning. This is an ideal framework in which to develop Shiftmeapp.

Main partners

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This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…
This campaign ended on 2017-10-20