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Meet Slimbox

Slimbox is a machine that cuts perfectly fitted packaging out of sheets of corrugated cardboard. It is targeted towards the SME market and therefore:

  • Small : it fits in an office environment
  • Easy to use : controlled with an app on a smartphone or tablet
  • Low maintenance : once a year a filter replacement
  • Has a great ROI : on average 2 years or less
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Remember the last time you ordered something online? We're betting that the box it came in, was way too big! Not to mention all the fillings they put into it. So why is that? Why aren't your goods sent in a perfectly fitted box?
The answer is simple: the person responsible for packing your goods can't have a stack of boxes of every dimension at her/his workstation. And that results in an average box size that is 40% too big. Absolute pure waste of space in transportation vehicles, carbon emissions (CO2), filling materials and therefore money.

So there must be a machine that can make these boxes, right?

Correct! But the only solutions on the market are targeting companies that are sending hundreds or even thousands of boxes each day. There is no solution for the 99,98% other companies.


At least, there was no solution. Slimbox is the answer. And actually it is the only answer. That is why we patented it.

Sure, but what difference does it make to have a perfectly fitting box or simply one that is too big?

Well, for one, the price for sending things in boxes that are too large is rising dramatically, certainly when air-freight comes into play. Buying a box in stead of a sheet of corrugated is also much more expensive by the way. And let's not forget about the damaged goods because of bad packaging. But of course also the environment suffers: more planes and trucks needed, more traffic-jams, more carbon emissions. And most of those filling materials can be forgotten as well.

It is a win-win situation. And who doesn't like that?

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If you send between 30 and 150 parcels of different sizes per day, Slimbox will save you money.

Filip Roose

Intellectual Property

We have patented the machine (2016/1023456). It was granted for Belgium and is currently in the PCT procedure. The countries that we will be protecting it in will only be released once it is granted there.

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Major contracts

Since we are focusing on companies that send only a small number of parcels per day, we have no major, impactful contracts yet. However, if you happen to know large organisations that could benefit from a Slimbox, make them aware of our existence!


Marketing strategy

From the very beginning we knew that a good logo/name/website/... would be crucial. Therefore we partnered with a great marketing company.

And since the 1st of August we have someone on board to follow up all social media, updates on marketing, newsletters, etc. So that the word gets spread in an organic way.
Our solution looks great online, maybe even too great. So people are surprised to see that "it actually works the way we promote it". Yet, most companies do not invest in such a solution without a demo. And that is why it is crucial for us to be at every event, fair, conference, ... that attracts potential clients.

It is also a (shared) responsibility of the dealers to advertise Slimbox through their regular channels.

And finally we are trying to get visibility by subscribing to certain awards and TV-shows.
The launch of our product was visible all over the world. Our message was translated in many foreign languages and even printed in a Chinese magazine.

Distribution strategy

We do not sell the machines directly to the market. We have decided to work with dealers. So that we can concentrate on R&D. These dealers already have their own existing clients, know the local markets and also have technical staff.
Those dealers will mostly be trained through an e-learning platform.

Internationalization strategy

The focus is now on Belgium and its neighbouring countries, but growing further in Europe. We are also targeting the USA and Canada, since those are very important regions with even better variables for us. However, these countries will not be taken overnight. A lot of time, money and effort will need to be put into them.
We're proud to say that we currently already have a dealer in BE-LUX, NL, FR, DE, UK and PL.

Main partners

We collaborate on a daily basis with a large number of freelancers and partners. Amongst which Comate, MetaQuip and Gilbos. With all of our partners we are building a fruitful and long-lasting relationship.

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This campaign ended on 2017-11-06