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Historical accounts

Advelox was officially created in May 2017 by its co-founders. In December 2017, a capital increase took place, integrating our FFF in exchange for 20% of capital . Thanks to this contribution, the platform was gradually built, tested and put online during the summer of 2018.
To date more than 150 users have registered and used the platform mainly in its free version. A small number of users have already switched to the paid version. The effective launch has not taken place yet. Advelox enriches its platform first based on the experience of the first users and will then through an additional fundraising implement its launch plan.

The forecast of the number of medical advices is based on the registration of 1400 caregivers by 2021. Knowing that there are more than 25000 active doctors in Belgium and that we must also consider other caregivers such as physiotherapists, nurses , the logo pediatrists, ..., this is a realistic goal.

Financial plan

Break even after 3 years!

"Only 2 questions per day per caregiver will ensure that Advelox will reach its financial goals"

Dr Paul Wulleman, co-founder Advelox

Advelox's financial plan has been drawn up with the support provided by LifeTech Brussels' incubator (Hub Brussels) and observes the principle of prudence while showing a certain ambition. It does not include the international development phase or ancillary products that will be implemented after 2019.

Revenue drivers

Advelox will operate in B2C and B2B2C

The B2C model aims to charge a contribution of 4 € to the patient per question answered.
A portion of the amount is transferred to the caregiver who answered the question.
The caregivers will also contribute through an annual subscription allowing them to benefit from the services that Advelox will make available.

Advelox also aims to develop partnerships with companies that would like to offer Advelox to their members (eg. insurance companies) or their staff members. In this case, the cost of use will be partially or fully supported by the partner.

See also above for sales forecasts.

The gross margin of 88% takes shape by removing the costs of the transaction. Each question generates the following costs:

  • notification service of 0,2€
  • financial transaction service of 0,1€
  • Identification service (ITSME) of 0,15€

Cost drivers

The largest expenses will be used to support Advelox's business model.
Above all, the salary costs to maintain and continue the development of the platform as well as to acquire new users, especially caregivers either by personal contacts, or by the development of the B2B segment.
Then the expenses to acquire new users via digital channels or to be present at specific medical events.
Last but not least, the amortization of the investment made to bring the plateform live is also be considered.

Financial tables

Detailed Profit & Loss statements

Cash Flow Analysis

Break even volume

see financial tables above


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