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Reinventing the relationship between patient and caregivers
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Market positioning

Advelox positions its solution after the consultation or the hospitalisation. It does not substitute the consultation, as desired by the Belgian Federation of Doctors. It also privileges the existing relationship and avoids putting patients in contact with caregivers they do not know.

Advelox is therefore to be positioned in the continuity of care and wants to become the leader in this segment before tackling other segments.

Advelox is aimed on the one hand at patients suffering from chronic pathologies or having been hospitalised for important medical problems (surgery, cancer, ...) requiring a rigorous follow-up. These are people over 45, anxious about their state of health.

On the other hand, Advelox offers a solution to these caregivers who are ready to reconsider their working method, to gain time and quality for their patients and for themselves.

Market trends

The telemedicine market will rise to $19.5 billion in 2025!

While a number of sources are forecasting strong growth for the telemedicine market at the global level, Europe and Belgium are currently lagging somewhat behind. However, an acceleration is observed. Several signals come from the Belgian Federation of Doctors or other medical associations, as well as from the public authorities, and indicate that the potential that will emerge through telemedicine will grow strongly in the coming years.

Advelox had probed the need for new digital tools before developing its platform. The vast majority of patients and caregivers support the arrival of new digital tools to deal with issues that arise after consultation / hospitalisation.


The biggest competitor of Advelox is the inertia of caregivers

This is the paradox where, on the one hand, caregivers are aware that the current situation is far from optimal (the problem of burnout among caregivers is part of the iceberg), on the other hand these same caregivers have a little trouble taking the bull by the horns! Advelox's competitors are therefore mostly the caregivers themselves.

Many other initiatives have emerged at different stages of the patient's journey. Nevertheless, as Advelox can also expand its activities in other segments, they could do the same.

Also abroad, a large number of initiatives have emerged. None has been able to approach the Belgian market, probably for reasons of the market maturity. Advelox has taken into account its stakeholders by focusing on the network dimension and on the existing relationship between the caregiver and the patient and on other services that will be developed in the near future.


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