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3D body scanner for fashion retail stores
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Ben S

Hoi Treedy's!

Ik zocht naar de verkoopprijs (gemiddeld) van een scanner, kan u dit meedelen?

David F Entrepreneur

The scanners will be leased to customers and not sold.
In addition, our V2 product is also not integrated into the business plan and it will be much cheaper to produce (max 1800€ production cost per unit).

Damien M

i tryed to find EBITDA for year 3-4-5 but i didn't succeed, could you give me the sheet and row or the values?


Jonas B


can you share in a bit more detail which sort of deals/contracts are already closed with players like Zalando?

David F Entrepreneur

I cannot respond publicly to this answer but do not hesitate to contact me by phone so that we can discuss it.
Here are my contact details: +32/477.26.48.56

Ben W

There is a lot of unclarity on where you are at the moment. In the film you show a sort of room with a body scanner. Presumably this is located at the physical store itself, the client goes into the room, does a body scan and for each brand or item of clothing the right size is given? But how does this solve the issue of e-commerce and the waste of people ordering 3 sizes and then sending two items back? These people don't want to go to a physical store anymore. What products have you prototyped or ar you prototyping that solve this problem? Can we see where you are in the development of the product? Because now all we see is a nice picture of how it might look. Have you done any client testing to check whether people actually want to go into a body scanner? How about privacy issues? What is different in your technology versus the standard security body scans in airports?

David F Entrepreneur

To summarize our activity over the long term, we are building a morphological platform that will host the models of all scanned people (in store or in malls). In store via an app and on ecommerce websites you will be able to receive recommendations as to the size to choose. The mobile application and the different sites will be able to connect to our database through a call on our API and thus give you theses recommendations.

The scanner technology we have developed has been tested and we have already sold a dozen scanners to our customers. The visuals of the future scanner you saw in the video was a first design of our fully automated scanner, and we will have the first version within 2 months in our offices. (This is only a new packaging but the technology remains the same)

With regard to privacy issues and GDPR standards, we work with a law firm that has assisted us in the development of all legal documents (privacy policy, & user agreement).

Feel free to contact me by phone to discuss any other questions you may have.


David (+32/477.26.48.56)

Damien M

I've just read your Business plan (excel sheets), It is difficult to understand which year is Year 1 or 2....


David F Entrepreneur

The first month of the year one starts from the end of this investment round. So ideally on May 1st, 2019.