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3D body scanner for fashion retail stores
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Historical accounts

Since we started our company, we have achieved a turnover of +/-780k€ EUR. With a growing increase of 100% each year, we achieved a turnover of 414k EUR in 2018 with a team of 3 people.

Financial plan

The 5-year financial plan, as developed by the company, is presented here below:

Download Gantt_Chart_and_BP_SIMULATIONpro.xlsx

Revenue drivers

Since mid-2018 we have focused all our energy on R&D.
Many patents and products are under development that will allow us to offer a wide range of additional services to our customers within the next 8 to 12 months.
With regard to the sales forecasts envisaged in the business plan mentioned above, we have considered leasing 650 scanners (a solution that is already functional and marketed to the customers mentioned above) over the next 5 years to our target customers (brands with more than 300 stores around the world and an online presence).
These scanners will be leased to the brands at a price of around 2.500 EUR per unit (depending on the services requested and the number of scans performed).
The data generated by the leased scanners and those installed in malls will also generate revenue as they will be used on E-commerce sites to guide consumers to the right size to choose. The sizing advice and therefore the call to our API will be charged to E-commerce sites.

The leasing of these 650 scanners and the installation of 300 scanners in malls should generate a profit of +/-74M EUR in the next 5 years with a margin of +/- 64%.

These sales forecasts do not yet take into account the revenues that will be generated by licensing the various patents that are about to be filed, nor the revenues generated by our second product that will be announced within the next 2 months.

Financial tables

Cf. Business plan


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