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UP2D8 (read as up-to-date) wants to contribute to a better management and internal communication within associations, organisations, schools and even companies…UP2D8 wants to guide these organisations in taking the digital step in a human way.


Currently many organisations are struggling to reach (all or a part of) their members/followers in an efficient way. They use a mix of tools : website, Facebook, email, text messages, chat groups and other social media… and they use these channels all at the same time to send one and the same message trying to reach the same audience.Using all these different tools requires a lot of time and energy, mostly from somebody who is doing this in his free time as a volunteer. And it holds several risks for the organisation : who uses which tool? Did we reach everyone? Did they read it? Users have to scroll through 20 pages of irrelevant posts to see the original message posted in a chat session, if they even make the effort to scroll up… For the volunteers of the organisation this brings a lot of frustration and demotivation and can even make volunteers quit their tasks within the organisation. And then your organisation is in real danger!

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UP2D8 is a free no-nonsense mobile communication platform that gives associations, organisations, schools and even companies the possibility to reach their members at any time and everywhere. UP2D8 offers targeted and highly efficient communication allowing the organisation to reduce intensively the information noise, useless reactions and the number of communication channels needed to inform the target audience. Users can also follow multiple organisations at the same time within the same app. This way you stay up-to-date about not only your own association but also about the sports club, youth movement or school of your children.

Medium afterup2d8
  • Free
  • No-Nonsense
  • Mobile communication platform
  • For every kind of organisation
  • Available on pc and mobile phone
  • Focus on the one-way communication
    Bidirectional via Standardized feedback
  • Replicate organisation structure
  • Role-based security + user groups
  • Efficient targeted messaging
  • Agenda, News Messages, Photo messages,
  • Attachments, Geo-link
  • Follow multiple associations
  • Brand new way to attract club sponsors
  • In app payments : membership fees, event subscription fees, fan shop,…

Mobile app (available for Android and IOS)

Medium mobileapp

The web version of the app is available on app.up2d8.be and contains some extra features for administators and is of course easier to type longer updates.

Medium webapp

Intellectual Property

We are in full possession of the ownership and code of our mobile app, web app and back end solutions. Our partners have signed for this an IP addendum on the partnership contract.

Major contracts

U2U --> Contract for developing a mobile app + web app (contract per set of developments, non binding)
Mollie --> Contract to allow online payments on our platform (non binding)
Moore Stephens --> legal assistance for fund raising
Sherpa Law --> assistance for IP + GDPR implementation
Brand Quadergy -> Marketing, branding

We have just joined forces with Trooper and also Wifibri. Both companies are very complementary with UP2D8 and will allow us to scale faster with our free (Trooper) AND premium (Wifibri) version.


Marketing strategy

Our strategy to conquer the market is based on the principle THINK BIG, START SMALL, SCALE FAST. Our ideas are big but we started small (and local) with some pilot associations from different branches (sports, culture, youth). With this successful proof of concept we are now convinced and ready for our go-to market.
We currently contact associations in 2 different ways : TOP-DOWN (vertically+horizontally) and BOTTOM-UP.
Top down by giving presentations at events for sportsclubs, youth movements... organised by their overarching organisation (vertically) or by cities (horizontally).
Bottom-up via online marketing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn but also by flyering on big events.
Through these 2 ways we should be able to reach a critical mass and create a snowball effect.
Via Brand Quadergy we are on stand-by to launch a big media-bang around UP2D8 (even cross-border).

Distribution strategy

We have a cloud solution. Our customers can use the web version of the app or download the mobile app from the app stores. Our back end is perfectly scalable and will grow along with us.

Internationalization strategy

There is a need and a place for UP2D8 in every country so we do have an international plan and strategy. The roll out will be done with the help of Brand Quadergy. In every country where UP2D8 will be rolled out we will find brand ambassadors and famous bloggers/vloggers who will promote UP2D8 among their followers and fans. Together with the already existing community this will allow us to scale up fast in new international regions.

Main partners

U2U offers development services within the Microsoft Azure stack as well as mobile development for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Medium u2u

UP2D8 was selected by Microsoft into the BizSpark Startup program which offered us important technical and financial support on our cloud stack (Microsoft Azure).

Medium microsoft bizspark

We get legal support from the experienced team of Moore Stephens. For our IP and GDPR we are guided by the people of Sherpa Law.

Medium moorestephens

For our branding and marketing we already started some sessions with Brand Quadergy. They are ready to launch us on a big scale.

Medium brand quadergy

Inspiring ideas of TomorrowLab have already led to cooperation that will soon be elaborated to integrate UP2D8 services in SmartCities.

Medium tomorrowlab

We have a partnership with Trooper to integrate Trooper into UP2D8 which will allow members of associations to get to their favorite webshops faster and support their favorite association more often. Trooper will introduce UP2D8 to its associations, UP2D8 will introduce Trooper to its associations.

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This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…
This campaign ended on 09/04/2018