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Taking art out of galleries and museums!

Modern Blocks is an online platform that represents an alternative to the traditional players of the art market in order to allow more people to have access to art. We offer genuine art photographies in limited edition as from 90 euros so that it is now possible to have original pieces of art at home. Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and is available in different sizes and finishing options (aluminium, frame, Plexiglas). It is, therefore, possible to make up artistic « blocks » to create one’s own exhibition at home!

On top of making art more affordable, Modern Blocks aims at giving new digital means to the photographers to help them to promote and sell their works to a new community of buyers. Indeed, Modern Blocks is a “marketplace” and not an online gallery, which means that the artists exhibit directly on the platform. They all have their own online gallery and a dashboard to follow their sales.

By digitizing the art market and by changing the model, it is possible to sell cheaper and maintain a good remuneration to the artists at the same time. Music labels, publishing houses or designers understood a long time ago that it was necessary to change the rules if we want to make music, literature or design more accessible. It is now time to do the same with art photography!

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Nowadays, it is easy to buy a sofa, a carpet or decoration accessories. However, many people keep their walls empty because it is much harder to find original but affordable artworks to hang. On one side, decoration stores propose very common paintings or photographs reproductions. On the other side, art galleries apply very high pricing and are quite intimidating. Due to this market bipolarity, it is very difficult for a buyer to find original works at a reasonable price.

But the photographers also suffer from the hermetism of the art market, which is saturated and therefore unable to absorb the whole artistic production. When the artists finally manage to exhibit in a gallery, the visibility is very ephemeral because of the turnover. As a consequence, there is a pool of outstanding creations that are invisible.

Modern Blocks was born to create a link between photographers and art lovers in order to make a supply meet a demand and to answer the existing double frustration.


Digitizing the art market

An art gallery is physically limited so it usually exhibits one artist at a time. By going digital, it is possible to exhibit more and to target a larger audience. Besides, the “marketplace” concept launched by Modern Blocks gives the possibility to exhibit known photographers but also some who are talented but who decided not to do it for a living. It is, therefore, possible to discover emerging talents who were not visible till now.

Changing the model

The disruptive model of Modern Blocks makes art affordable. Indeed, traditional galleries usually sell 3 to 10 prints per image but Modern Blocks slightly increases the number of prints in order to lower the sale price without consequences on the photographer remuneration. For example, instead of selling 10 prints for 2000 euros each, we sell 100 prints at 200 euros each.

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Intellectual Property

The copyright and the image right are really important in art. Some contracts are signed with the photographers to guarantee the respect of the intellectual property. The artist remains the owner of the moral right but patrimonial right is transferred to Modern Blocks to have authorization for production or promotion.Regarding the brand “Modern Blocks”, it was published to the authorities and it is the property of the company.

Major contracts

Modern Blocks has signed collaboration contracts with more than 30 international photographers. This artists network is a real barrier to entry. For the production of the artworks, the packaging or the digital strategy, we collaborate with different providers. Some discussions with resellers are also ongoing.


Marketing strategy

The purpose is to build a brand with a strong and contemporary identity, seen as an alternative to the current players of the market. The marketing strategy consists in spreading the word that art is not elitist anymore.

The communication plan is based on a strong footprint on social networks. A detailed SEO strategy was conducted to appear on the search engines and digital advertising campaigns were launched. In parallel, press relations and events organizations also to gain in visibility.

Distribution strategy

Modern Blocks’ art photographies can be purchased online and delivered at home. Some detailed traffic and conversion forecasts were used in the business case. Different channels (mailing, advertising, SEO, affiliation…) are used to reach the sales targets.

Physical distribution:
It is also planned to develop a physical footprint through a network of showrooms and some partnerships with resellers. This is complementary to the digital strategy and it helps to showcase the quality of the finishing options (frames, aluminium and Plexiglas).

Internationalization strategy

The Modern Blocks website is translated into French, English and Dutch. Some advertising campaigns were launched abroad to develop the visibility. Some contacts with foreign bloggers and journalists but also participations to startup contests have also helped for brand notoriety. Today, the main markets are Belgium and France.

Main partners

Our partners mentioned here above are all some references in their fields and they are totally able to support us in our growth targets. Some strict processes were setup to guarantee an optimal operational management and the customer satisfaction.

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This campaign ended on 11/07/2018