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Kluster is the peer-to-peer platform for jobs

This means that private individuals can do chores for each other: practically, legally, without administration and with a very low tax burden. Everyone can earn up to 5,100 euros per year via this recognized platform, even if you do this on the side.

All this is done via a handy app. If you are looking for a handyman to mow the lawn, for example, choose the person with the profile that appeals to you the most or gets the best reviews and chat via the app with this person. You agree on a date and you book the handyman. When the job is done you pay the agreed amount easily via the app. The platform automatically deducts the 10% tax and immediately pays out the handyman through a deposit on his or her account.

Workers can use the app to add their photo and a profile text, the type of jobs they want to do and the price they ask for it. They also indicate the maximum distance they want to travel so that customers can immediately find the right workers in their neighborhood.

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The Kluster app is available on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.


  • Your hedge needs to be pruned but this work is too small for a real garden contractor?
  • The garden wood should be sanded but you do not know how to start it yourself?
  • There is something wrong with your electricity but you can not find an electrician who can come soon?
  • You want to outsource your ironing to someone in your neighborhood?
  • You like working in the garden and would like to earn a few extra bucks during the weekend?
  • You are very handy and you want to do all kinds of chores in your neighborhood?
  • You work as an employed electrician and you want to do some extra work after your hours?
  • You are retired and like to iron some extra baskets to save for a trip?

Many people also want to make themselves useful after working hours and earn some extra money. Others are too busy and would like to buy some time by outsourcing small jobs. Until now it was not easy to bring these groups together. You can make an attempt via an advertisement in the paper, but who will respond? Can you trust this person? Is this going to happen in black?


Fortunately, Kluster is here! We bring people together, show you reviews and scores so that you can fully trust the handyman. We arrange the legal and financial part and the administration for the taxes. We let workers and clients chat, ensure that the price is clear in advance and both the customers and handymen are insured.
Even small jobs are now being carried out as if you were using a professional firm, but then faster and cheaper.


Kluster is fully operational and can be used by all individuals. The first step to grow is to make the app known to the general public through marketing. There are also many new features on the roadmap that will further stimulate the growth in volume and maturity of the platform.

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Marketing strategy

To make Kluster known to the general public, we will focus on online advertisements for targeted keywords. Kluster has entered into a partnership with Google for this, whereby a marketing expert will intensively support Kluster to develop a successful campaign.

Internationalisation strategy

In a first phase, Kluster will focus on the Belgian C2C market and from there develop the platform to scale to new markets. The scaling is twofold: on the one hand she will also participate to the B2C and B2B market and on the other she wants to scale internationally. For international scaling, proactive efforts will be made to integrate the various legislation in as uniform a way as possible. In the long term, Kluster wants to become a worldwide platform for services.

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