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Fear Hunters aims at becoming a leader in developing 'playducational' tools for kids' emotional development.
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Scared of the dark? Ghosts, bugs, the big bad wolf? Between the ages of three and six, kids can be scared of just about anything.

Fear Hunters were designed by kids. They are a family of 7 friendly monsters with super powers. In simple words, they mean to incarnate children's ability to treat fear and develop their own resources of bravery.

Our approach is very traditional as it is grounded upon ancestral and cultural recipes of wellbeing: soft toy animals, bedtime stories and aromatherapy. Combined together, our products can lead to accessible and efficient positive emotional development. Our aim is to assist children, and their parents, building up their own dynamic of bravery.

Hence, Fear Hunters markets simple educational tools that help kids develop their self-confidence. We have created a range of 'playducational' tools around our so-called ‘ So not scared! ‘ kits. Throughout the whole product development phase, we work with early-years specialists and aromatherapists who bring scientific credit to our approach.

Each ‘ So not scared! ‘ kit includes one fear hunter plush toy, the illustrated story of his fantastic adventures and one soothing 100% natural essential oil spray.


Emotional development and wellbeing are at the heart of our business philosophy and market approach.

Human emotions and their management have become the focus point for an increasing portion of human groups and communities. Although psycho- and aromatherapy still are young sciences, they are near to omnipresent in most modern societies. Everywhere, families and corporations devote an increasing part of their revenue to improving the overall wellbeing.

Yet, despite this heavy trend, we noticed how parents often lack of simple and useful tools to address their children's emotions. So we decided to provide them with accessible and efficient solutions.


Our distribution strategy includes both off-line and online channels.

As we have a multi-niche product offer, we aim at physically introducing our product range within the following target segments:

Toy shopsBookstoresPharmacies and drugstoresConcept & department stores

To a larger extent, our distribution strategy will also include pediatricians, child-therapists, hospital shops, stations and airports.

Our online shop can be found at fearhunters.com. Online distribution partnerships will be investigated too.

As far as international markets are concerned, we aim at binding long-term partnerships with toy distribution companies as well as with publishing houses.

Our global development will also take licensing into account, as long as it will be directly related to our business strategy and model.