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Friiz Fru!t

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100% natural freeze-dried snack
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Christel W

Hi Cecilia
Such kind of freeze dried vegetables are existing already even if there have different shape .
In Asia those products are existing for many many years ..we tried to launch them in Europe ..mixed of fruits but I am wondering how you could achieve such turnover even if now the trends is a bit different .
The concept of freeze drying remains the same ..
Do you have the machine to produce yourself ? Or do you import the freeze dried products ?
Where are coming the fruits ?
You know that price of the fruits per kilo are not stable so how the BP could be validate within 2/3 years ..
Thanks for your answer ..I wish you a successful campaign

Cecilia S Entrepreneur

Hi Christel, Thank you for your message.
It’s always good to meet another freeze-drying enthusiast!

The freeze-drying process is known for a long time, but it remains the most sophisticated technology for processing raw food. Our task here is to use this technology and make the products even better!

The innovation we bring with FRIIZ FRU!T is conceptual: bringing products which are plant-based, organically grown, harvested when top-ripe, slow-processed, packaged in a recyclable material in a fair-trade system is an advantage for the consumers and for the society. FRIIZ RU!T and The foods of the Future are not only top-quality products in regards of flavor and crunchiness, but they will be the best buying option amongst dried fruits in the shelves. FRIIZ FRU!T and the Foods of the Future deliver more than nutrition, vitamins and minerals: they deliver transparency in respect with each one involved in the production process.

With all this advantage features, we will work hard on marketing, publicity and media. We want to reach the dried-fruit's frequent customer with a better product and to attract new dried-fruit's customers with a new option of snacks. Kids will be our main customers.

The prices we offer can be forecasted for 5 years because we're based on strong contracts and partnerships with the organic farm where our fruits are harvested and the freeze-drying facility. We have a supply agreement which envisage prices and conditions for 3 years, extendable, respecting the fair-trade system. The major advantage of working in a fair trade and transparent system is that all the parties can work without external threatening, and promote the dialogue to avoid losses and damages to the business flow.
Our products are luckily grown and processed in my beautiful homecountry, Brazil. Our second 100% private facility - Lyo'Plant - is already in the horizon, to be founded in an amazing country in West Africa: Ghana.

While this crowdfunding campaign is running, we are phone-calling and visiting potential buyers all around Europe to offer our portfolio of product. I was in UK last week for 2 days and 4 out of 4 bio/natural stores I've visited want us in their shelves. A chocolates' factory in Germany called me yesterday asking for samples to test FRIIZ FRU!T with chocolate coating. And so much more is happening. We're essentially adding up to this market sector.

Our new experiences with FRIIZ FRU!T is adding probiotics (kombucha) to our new fruits recipe. The results are beyond great.

We really hope we can count on your support with our Crowdfunding Campaign, as you know it takes time and effort to succeed in the foods market segment. We would be very happy to send you a set of samples of FRIIZ FRU!T so you can taste the difference! Would you contact us via Facebook or Instagram to inform us an adress to where we should send them? We're waiting for your contact.

Kind regards, Cecilia.

Damien M

I would ask you some little questions
For you Break-even point, is it 17 tons and 450 kg or 1745 tons and 000 kg
I didn't see any ammortization, don't you have any fixed assets?
In fact, i tried to forecast your future EBITDA.

Good luck for your campaign

Cecilia S Entrepreneur

Hi Damien, Thanks for your question. Our breakeven volume is less than 17 tons and 450 kg of products, as our general costs are quite low in comparison with the sales price. We don’t need to sell tons to make profits.
Regarding the amortization, it’s correct we don’t have actually any fixed assets. We follow the lean business model and even our office furniture is today on loan from other companies in the building where we’re renting our office (Mundo-A Antwerp).
Currently we work together with third partners for packaging and we have distribution partnerships in the countries we are entering. Later on we’ll have fixed assets but we’ll limit it to the minimum, as we’ll sign partnerships with specialized companies who’ll work as subcontractors.

Finally, the new facility Ghana Lyo'Plant, which we're currently working hard on, will be part of our company assets.

Hope this explanation is OK for you.
Kind Regards, Cecilia.

Steven V

Hoe zien jullie de concurrentie met Ever Fruits? Hun gevriesdroogde aardbeien zijn sinds kort verkrijgbaar in de Colruyt aan een lagere prijs dan jullie product. Waarin maken jullie het verschil?

Cecilia S Entrepreneur

Hallo Steven,
Bedankt voor je vraag. Competitie is in elk geval steeds welkom. Het versterkt de markt van de desbetreffende sector en helpt ons de sterke punten van ons product te onderlijnen en in de picture te zetten. In vergelijking met Ever Fruits scoort FRIIZ FRU!T zoveel beter op diverse punten.

We geven deze hier kort weer:

1. FRIIZ FRU!T is BIOLOGISCH, gecertificeerd.
2. Wanner het dan op prijzen aankomt is een bio-product doorgaans 40% duurder dan een niet bio-product. Wanneer je dit mee berekent is 124,00 Euro per kilo correct.
3. FRIIZ FRU!T is FAIR-TRADE ! Ever Fruits wordt blijkbaar in China gemaakt, een land dat zeker geen voorbeeld is voor fair-trade productie voorwaarden en vergoeding. Op de website van Ever Fruits zijn er geen adres of ander contact gegevens vermeld en hun verdeler So Green Ltd. in Hong Kong is op het net niet terug te vinden.
4. De leuke kleine kubusjes van FRIIZ FRU!T zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd. Dit bezorgt ons een sterke positie, vooral in de kleuter en kinderenmarkt. Kinderen willen geen fruit snacks die er als fruit uitzien – FRIIZ FRU!T is dat dus niet. Zij omschrijven FRIIZ-FRU!T als snoepjes.
5. Christian kreeg enkele maanden geleden bericht dat Colruyt deze gevriesdroogde aardbeien verkocht. Hij heeft ze geproefd en vond de nasmaak alles behalve aangenaam.
6. Daarbij is het niet onze bedoeling om aardbeien te vriesdrogen, wij kunnen nooit zeker zijn van een constante kwaliteit. Daarbij is het geen tropisch fruit. Wij concentreren ons op lokaal, tropisch, volledig rijp fruit voor onze producten.
7. We staan steeds klaar om andere bijkomende vragen te beantwoorden. Dit zullen we met plezier doen. Cecilia heeft zojuist een verkoop samenwerking in de UK afgesloten en we zijn gestaag aan het groeien. We hopen op jou te kunnen rekenen om FRIIZ FRU!T en The Foods of the Future mee te helpen groot maken. Bedankt.