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Friiz Fru!t

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100% natural freeze-dried snack
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Market positioning

Shaped freeze-dried tropical fruit mixes define a pioneer product in the freeze-dried food market. There are no predecessors of similar products in any fields, so FRIIZ FRU!T enters the game to be a leader. Our primary market target is the Baby, Toddler and Kids market. With three meals a day shifting to anywhere from six to nine mini meals, parents are looking for snacks that provide ample nutrients and fuel their energetic and activity-oriented youngsters. This preference now affects many of their parenting choices as they look for products that are all-natural and labeled non-GMO, no/low sugar and have no artificial ingredients.

Our secondary markets are endless.

Market trends

The project of creating a healthy natural snack was motivated by a significant market demand in changing lifestyle coupled with rising awareness about healthy & nutritious food consumption in between meals. The market trends highlights are listed below.

The global healthy snacks market size was valued at USD 23.05 billion in 2018. Rising consumer focus on nutritional values of the product such as high vitamins & proteins and low calories has worked in favour of the market. Kids’ snacking market is predicted to grow steadily at an Annual Growth Rate of 10 to 15% from 2018 to 2023.The global freeze-dried food market is expected to witness an estimated growth of 7.01% IP to 2024. Freeze-dried fruit is the largest segment by type, accounting for almost 53% share of the overall freeze-dried foods market, because of the ability of these fruits to retain most of the original taste. The texture of freeze-dried fruits is also crispy and their chips-like form appeals to many consumers.

Europe is the largest market for dried tropical fruit.
Consumption of dried tropical fruit is driven by various factors, including the healthy snacking trend and new product applications like fruit snacks. In 2017 the Belgian consumer spend 586 million Euro for bio food products. In 2016, Germany spent 9,48 billion Euro for bio food. 48% of Belgian employees snacks both in the morning and afternoon on a working day. Parents concerned about children’s health are exploring nutritional snack options and introducing kids to multicultural foods at a much younger age. Consumers seek more information about where their food comes from and how it is produced, and that includes snacks and desserts.


Shaped freeze-dried tropical fruit mixes are pioneer products in the freeze-dried food market. There are no predecessors for similar products in any field of markets so there are no direct competitors for FRIIZ FRU!T. This is an early entry in the market and the advantages are listed as follows (Eugene Porter, 1980):
- Image and reputation of the product: FRIIZ FRU!T can develop an enhanced reputation by being a pioneer in the field of healthy snacks.
- Customer loyalty: FRIIZ FRU!T gathers the key-attributes for the conscious consumers.
- Early commitment to suppliers of raw materials and distribution channels.
-Indirect competition: Belgium: an extensive search about freeze-dried products in the main supermarket chains (Delhaize, Colruyt, BioStore, Lidl, etc.) reports that there are no similar products offered connected to these keywords. Benelux: Acatris: Freeze-dried fruits in slices - supplier to the food processing industry. Weak competitor in the first years (; Terranova Benelux: freeze-dried bothanicals, supplements, super foods - powder. Weak competitor in the first years. (
- Possible Competition: The product is relatively simple to copy (shaped freeze-dried fruits). The competition can copy the "fruit mix idea".


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