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Friiz Fru!t

Shares Belgium Tax Shelter applicable
100% natural freeze-dried snack
Information Note Terms & Conditions
Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
70 days
Minimum target
72% funded

Cecilia Sobral

Executive director

Over 10 years’ experience as an Intellectual Property & Innovation specialist, Cecilia is currently focusing on Import-Export matters and Governmental Affairs. Data Science and Big Data Analysis specialist.
Cecilia performs Strategic Analytics, Competitive Intelligence Researches and evaluates new technologies and new joint ventures from a technological point of view. She is ´in company´ speaker on Exports Planning, Innovation, Industrial Property, Technology Prospecting and Competitive Intelligence.

Christian Lepage


Christian brings together a wide experience with commercial negotiations, international transactions and deep knowledge of business trends. Christian has profound knowledge of contract management as well national as international.


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