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Launched in 2016 by Isabelle Mashola and Philippe Coup-Jambet, isahit is a socially-responsible self-service platform that outsources digital projects. It guides French companies in their data management and processing with the help of people in Africa - who are looking for extra income - called HITers (HIT: Human Intelligence Task).

Isahit empowers people who wish to finance their studies, start an entrepreneurial project, gain financial independence or improve their living conditions by offering them work opportunities.

To avoid a digital fracture, the startup's mission is to give opportunities to talents who do not have the means to train or to connect to the digital world through work.

Isahit has more than 600 HITers on its crowdsourcing platform, mainly women who come from 13 African countries (English and French-speaking). Isahit's ambition is to establish itself in 15 African countries (French and English-speaking) by December 2018 and to empower 10,000 HITers in order to have a social impact on 40,000 people in 4 to 5 years.

#TechForGood #GiveDigitalWork #GetDigitalWork


ISAHIT is a socially-responsible innovative and intelligent platform that brings together workers or HITers (HIT: Human Intelligent Task) from socio-economically disadvantaged countries in Africa and French companies who are looking to outsource a part of their digital workload.

The challenge for ISAHIT is to create a model that will help develop the skills and the living conditions of the population in these African countries thanks to digital tools.

For HITers:

The online system allows total flexibility through which HITers can manage their time and schedule so that they are able to receive some extra revenue in order to accomplish their professional project.

Moreover, these people (who are mainly women and young adults) are guided through free digital training which will allow them to understand and use digital tools. These women are encouraged to leave the informal economy by opening a bank account and by being independent local workers.

For clients (companies):

Outsourcing digital tasks in African countries has two main advantages: having a solution at a competitive price while participating in a socially-responsible project allowing local populations to raise their buying power.

Isahit has two main objectives:

Based on the model "17 objectives to change the world" defined by the UN in 2015 in the context of the new sustainable development programme for 2030, Isahit has decided to base its activity according to the objective n°1 (no more poverty) and n°8 (decent jobs and economic growth).

No more poverty:

Fighting against poverty and improving living conditions for the people of emerging countries through digital and with revenue that is 10 times higher than the poverty line (from €2 to €20 a day). Offering a flexible job in order to answer the needs of housewives, young students or entrepreneurs. Guiding these HITers by giving them working tools (computer, tablet,... ) and working spaces. The programme Isahit Help will also be put in place to ease administrative procedures such as opening a bank account or registering as an independent worker.

Decent jobs and economic growth:

Creating jobs: Isahit's objective for the next 5 years is to offer working opportunities to more than 10,000 people in Africa (which will in turn impact more than 40,000 people) and then move towards Southern America and Asia.


Isahit is an intelligent platform that allows the division of digital projects in thousands of micro-tasks. These micro-tasks will then be distributed and given to different workers (HITers).

Today, Isahit offers three types of tasks:

- Data processing: quality control, digitalisation, archiving, document transcription...
- Content management: managing opinions and comments on social media, document referencing, database processing, ...
- Artificial intelligence data: creating data for Machine Learning, image and video tagging,...

Major contracts

More than 50 clients of which 5 are present in France's Fortune 500. The average order has been rising every trimester: +30%


Marketing strategy

The economic model is B2B :
The clients (companies) pay a fee of €5 per hour for the tasks
- 60% of this pricing is used to pay the workers/HITers
- 35% to Isahit for the commercial and IT developments of the platform
- 5% to Isahit Help programme to finance the support given to the workers

Distribution strategy

Upstream, a marketing targeting ("growth hacking" / "InBound Marketing") is done to detect contracts (CDO, Innovation Director, CRM Director, AI Director) through personalised emails. Then, a commercial team will engage in a conversation with these contacts through personalised emails.

To this date, 5% of the targeted contracts become identified projects. 75% of sent quotes become orders, 35% of clients sign a second project.

Marketing through our contribution to international conferences or through press articles. Isahit has already received awards:
Entrepreneur Féminin Nord-Sud Siad, Lauréat Day Click Challenge Syntec, Lauréat IE Club, Finaliste Positive Impact Challenge Vivatech (2017), Prix coup de coeur de Wavestone Shake-up (2018), Prix business au Feminin Vivatech 2018, Prix Orange Entreprise sociale 2018 Afrique, Prix Business France / IE Club 2018 Développement International.

Internationalisation strategy

The platform was officially launched in December 2016. To this day, the company has rallied more than 600 HITers in 14 different countries: Togo, Cameroun, Congo, Burkina Faso, Côte d’ivoire, Mali, Benin, Sénégal, République du Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda, Mauritius, Comoros, Tanzanie, Nigeria and Botswana… and Asia soon: Vietnam, Philippines

Isahit has worked for 50 different French clients for a total of 6 million tasks.

Main partners

Strategic partners such as Orange (Mobile Money), BPI (innovation), OpenClassRooms (digital training), Kimso (measures social impact)...

Press and event partners: