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First socially responsible platform for digital mini-jobs
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Pre money valuation
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Committed by pros
62 days
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81% funded

Historical accounts

Launched in December 2016.
In 2018: more than 50 new clients, 200 digital projects, confirmed scalability of the financial model, more than 6 million digital tasks, a 30% order growth per trimester, good cost control (inferior to the BP 2018 costs).

Financial plan

The 4-year financial plan talks about revenue of more than 34 M euros with an EBITDA of more than 24%. The experienced management is very confident in this financial plan.

Revenue drivers

Cost drivers

The main costs (excluding the salary of the workers/HITers - 60% of the Business model) are Business Development + Marketing (42%) and IT Development (40%).

Financial tables

Raise summary

Crowd investments €40,600
Committed by professionals €1,500,000
Amount raised €1,540,600
Total fundraising €1,600,000
Pre-money valuation €2,500,000
Post-money valuation €4,100,000