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Extense Pharma

Loan Belgium 126 investors
Investment type
2 years
Investment duration
Amount raised
Gross interest rate
6 days
  • AAA
  • AA
  • A
  • BBB
  • BB
  • B
  • CCC/C
Speculative credit quality
Borrower is less vulnerable in the near term than other lower-rated obligors. However, it faces major ongoing uncertainties and exposure to adverse business, financial, or economic conditions that could lead to the its inadequate capacity to meet its financial commitments.
139% funded

Historical accounts

Find enclosed the historical accounts of Extense Pharma :

Download EP Comptes Annuels 2017.pdf

Download EP Comtpes annuels 2016.pdf

Financial plan

The 3-year financial plan, developed by PrivateLending SA/NV, is presented here below:

Download Extense Pharma_Financial Plan_2019_2022.pdf

Revenue drivers

Currently, sales (turnover in 2018 was € 1.45 million) are 60% in Europe (France (65%) and Belgium (30%) and Holland (5%)), and in America North (via Canada).

Contracts signed (China, Thailand and Saudi Arabia) correspond to +/- € 5 million turnover at cruising speed.

Cost drivers

To honor its contracts, Extense Pharma has decided to develop its own brand. To do this, it needs 300.000 € for the launch:

Staff: Commercial Commitment (12x55k €) 66.000,00 €
Marketing expenses: brochures, advertising ... 8.000,00 €
Different production packagings Range 12x 28.000,00 €
Production bars (3) x (20 k) 1e prod + printed foil 36.000,00 €
Production chips (4) x 20k 1e prod + printed foil 48.000,00 €
Production kit (2.000) 38.000,00 €
Travel China, Brazil, Southeast Asia + Trade fairs 24.000,00 €
Translations 7.000,00 €
Miscellaneous + margin security 35.000,00 €

Total: € 300,000.00

Raise summary

Duration 2 years
Gross interest rate 8.00%
Reimbursement frequency Annually
Reimbursement type Bullet
Crowd investments €208,000
Amount raised €208,000
Min. total fundraising €150,000
Max. total fundraising €400,000