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Shares Belgium Tax Shelter applicable
Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
Committed by co-investors
31 days
Minimum target
87% funded

Sebastien De Grauwe


A born entrepreneur, a commercial engineer by training and self-employed since 1994 in telemarketing to finance his studies. He loves Sales and has been active in construction for more than 10 years with tracking applications, planning software and mobile applications for vehicles, people and site management. His client portfolio varies from companies such as Thomas & Piron, t-palm, Jérouville, Denys, entreprise de Cock, Hullbridge Associated, m & m Sitty but also smaller structures such as Bemat, Gillion Construct, Gerard Construction ... These customers have expressed a need for a small equipment management solution.

Luc Francis Jacobs


Luc, the engineer, had a successful career at Nokia Corporation as vice president. He is also an entrepreneur who makes his expertise available for structuring and managing various companies such as Destiny Telecom, TeamBlogger, Nixxis ...

He is present to coach best practices for strategy and business development.


This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…