The Green Link

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The last mile 100% green! Business of parcels deliveries and pick-ups in central Paris, and has a fleet of 100% battery electric vehicles.
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The Green Link (TGL) is a business of parcel deliveries and pick-ups in central Paris with a fleet of 100% battery electric vehicles.
The company has already over five years of experience in deliveries and pick-ups with over 1000 daily clients.


Considering that the transport sector is responsible for 25% of the CO2 emissions in Europe, it seemed to be a good candidate to bring our fresh ideas to work. City congestion is at its peak almost everywhere in Europe. We work for companies for whom the last mile is becoming less efficient due to congestion. Moreover, new regulations regarding the quality of air in cities, and evolution of the business with more B2C deliveries with a 35% growth per year strongly impact the sector. We have a strong willingness to offer additional services such as delivering with appointment, providing social role by taking care of elderly people staying at home.


The Green Link operates 3 green hubs and a fleet of 50 electrically assisted cargo bikes and electric vans. The 3 hubs are supplied outside rush hours either by truck and/or boat by us or by our customers. The parcels are consolidated in the hub before being optimized into rounds and being delivered exclusively with clean vehicles. the last mile is 100% operated with green vehicles after being consolidated in a Green Hub which is a city logistic hub.



  • Creating 50 part-time jobs.
  • Reducing 80% CO2 emissions vs Traditional Logistic Model.
  • Important contract with the city of Paris.


Marketing strategy

TGL is part of a category of businesses that rely on mobile phone applications and their GPS-capabilities to quickly match daily forecasted last-mile rounds (partnerships) and affiliated drivers using only ecological vehicles. TGL has an opportunity to quickly affiliate a large community of drivers (reward programs) in order to offer a large network of bundled distribution networks in all cities. We offer last- and first-mile services.

Distribution strategy

The distribution strategy is to operate a model mixed by self-sustaining cities and franchising (licensing).